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Looksmart has Adconian joining Google and Yahoo in OPEN Marketplace?

May 10, 2011 2:42 AM ET
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Adconian comes 'on-board', it would now seem? - Meaning, that it has (finally) joined in with other major players in the now, quickly growing independent Looksmart Global OPEN Marketplace.

(Is simply my opinion)

< Both [Adconion's] DDPs will set high standards for brand protection through "AdXpose", a well-established third party verification solution.

.........And as members of the recently announced ADAA Third Party Behavioural Advertising Guideline and IASH, Adconion Direct and Joost will abide by industry standards across every campaign.


AdXpose offers Networks and Platforms (like Adconion):

<The ability to generate alphanumeric identifiers in lieu of actual URLs - -  to allow networks to adhere to a publisher's contractual non-disclosure terms.>

That sounds very much like a 'blind to all' advertisers (& publishers)  when targeting or, the re-targeting of individual users to then avoid any 'cherry-picking' of sites, etc), and for advertisers to get to bid 'blindly', in a one BIG (more) efficient, RTB Open (global) marketplace, against each other on equal terms?.(A thought)

WOW! - Just like Looksmart basically offer?


So I guess then, that both Google, Yahoo (et al), will ALL, then get to be operating under a/the very same 'alphanumeric identifiers in lieu of actual URLs', as being a condition to 'play' in that, (a) one big marketplace?

AdXpose also tell all, that they offer:

< Alternate ad tags, which allow networks to swap advertisers within an impression "on the fly" based on appropriate content parameters.>

<The ability to measure and price inventory on a Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE) and a Cost-Per-View (CPV) basis.>

This (both), sounds a lot like Looksmart's "Smart Rotations" & of it's "new" emphasis on performance marketing - that also does include a CPA and CPV offering. - tinyurl.com/67zmsfq

I had previously made mention of Adconian, in an instapost back in April 2010 as inked below - from it:

< Alex Littlejohn, chief executive of Adconion, says that as the aggregation of data becomes more commonplace on the internet the temptation to segment audiences by behaviour will be too great.

''To provide the stakeholders with the required comfort, the market really needs an independent aggregator, and I am doubtful that is Google,'' he says.>

<Yes.."the market really needs an independent aggregator". No need to 'second-guess' who I believe can get to fit that role, nicely. >


Previous post to that, (the above): tinyurl.com/5vh8y2q


AdXpose for AdVertisers - Ad Servers



Within the [About Us - Management] section on AdXpose's website we are told that Greg Harrison is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of AdXpose. Greg founded AdXpose, in 2005.

This may well be so. - tinyurl.com/3kqd68e

But I find that all interesting, in view of (what appears to be), the precurser of AdXpose (being, WidgetBucks.com), that was itself said to have been 'created', on 07/17/2007. tinyurl.com/65jq9g9

And on Tuesday, April 28, 2009, the WidgetBucks blog had announced the following:

As some of you may have seen last week during ad:tech San Francisco, Mpire Corporation -- the parent company of WidgetBucks -- launched a new branded service called AdXpose. - - -  To clear up any confusion, AdXpose is completely separate from WidgetBucks."


The video (linked below), within that announcement is of interest, too.

In that AdXpose (back in 2009, say) they were 'addressing advertiser's problems, anywhere across the internet'.

And that ........AdXpose is currently in invite-only private beta for key partners, so WidgetBucks and non-WidgetBucks publishers likely won't see the impact of placements and targeting for a few weeks.

The Video

3 min - 21 Apr 2009 - Uploaded by adxpose
AdXpose (www.adxpose.com) is the online ad industrys leading provider of campaign verification, and media and creative optimization ...


HMMmm? We're told in the above video, that:

"has 40 to 60 BILLION optimisation decisions/month"?  

And we know that Looksmart is processing over 2 billion queries a day from searches performed on its extensive distribution network.


You will surely agree that AdXpose has come a mighty long way, in such short time. I guess (just like another Looksmart AdCenter partner in AdKnowledge has done so, like-wise), and that's the exciting space that Looksmart are 'involved' in these days. -.  AdXpose very much so appears to me to be a 'private labeling' of the Looksmart Solution.

Yet, in spite of all that's been written here on my Instablog, Looksmart still doesn't rate being worthy of making the (and the now famous - Luma Partner's) Terence Kawaja's eye chart.



ps; Notes: (25th August, 2011) - Geo'd Ad (from Adconian) on Yahoo Finance being served in conjunction with (I believe) AdXpose. (Source: Transferring data advice, as per bottom tool-bar.)

[AdXpose Analytics Solutions deliver the industry's most comprehensive view into the performance of digital advertising campaigns. Our solutions give you – whether you are an advertiser or a publisher — a better view into the quality, safety, and performance of your digital advertising campaigns. We help you verify and optimize billions of campaign data points, captured in real time, so you can make better advertising decisions. www.adxpose.com/solutions.html - Ad Networks & Platforms]

[August 3, 2011- - -  comScore to Acquire AdXpose, a Leader in Ad Verification, Optimization and Brand Safety]

The Yahoo Ad: Top Banner Ad: Coles Group & Myer Gift Cards:

Address: startorder.giftcards.com.au/CardSelectio...Adconion

Referring URL: ad.amgdgt.com/ads/?t=i&f=i&p=16&...

Friday, August 26, 2011 8:10:38 AM

Both Yahoo & Adconion are clients of AdXpose- www.adxpose.com/home.page

Conversion Name: Coles Gift Cards - 1. Create Your Card// INSTRUCTIONS // The Conversion Tags should be placed at the top of the <BODY> section of the HTML page. // In case you want to ensure that the full page loads as a prerequisite for a conversion // being recorded, place the tag at the bottom of the page. Note, however, that this may // skew the data in the case of slow-loading pages and in general not recommended. ////

NOTE: It is possible to test if the tags are working correctly before campaign launch // as follows:

Browse to bs.serving-sys.com/BurstingPipe/adServer..., which is // a page that lets you set your local machine to 'testing' mode. In this mode, when // visiting a page that includes an conversion tag, a new window will open, showing you // the data sent by the conversion tag to the MediaMind servers.

[Note: Eyeblaster ='s MediaMind seekingalpha.com/user/36191/instablog/se... ]

<script type="text/javascript" src="ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4..."></script>

Other AdXpose, verified as 'safe' Ads served today on Yahoo!:




Disclosure: Long LOOK and along with other LOOK shareholders, I'm looking forward to some substantial announcements.

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