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Market Maker "MYTH" is being Passed Down from Monkey to Monkey?

May 12, 2011 6:38 PM ET
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The 'role' of Market Makers (within the US Financial Markets) has surely reached it's "use by date" and should be well and truly gone over with a 'fine tooth comb'.


This system is nothing short of being CORRUPT and authorities are failing in their duty to protect the $billions of hard earned retirement monies of workers (including their own),from around the world. (Yes & that's you and your next door neighbours.)

There are many examples that can be given that would include their, a deceptive practice of what I term as "short & cover".

This method of a MM posting a sizeable trade and then an equal total number of shares of that trade marginally higher & concurrently - - is surely a long way from being what is their statutary right to 'create a market', for whatever the listed Co's that they may represent/operate on behalf of and/or, are simply middle-man-ing.

Couldn't/shouldn't all MM trades be identified? By their simply placing an asterisk along-side each trade that they make in a day's work? - Or, being limited to just a 100 share 'movement', either way? The current system is very much 'loaded' in their favour. Being what is (& so much like Vegas operations are), a 'no-lose' situation.

A (this) simple comment made that the LOOK (Looksmart) share-price is being "Highly manipulated" - was made on the LOOK chat board today - over on Yahoo Finance.

Thinly traded

I then, quickly followed this post up with my own reply. - I beg all to take the time to read & understand the very simplicity of this kind of (what borders on) fraud, and think about asking why it is allowed to be conducted, daily.

Please do watch the video & then understand WHY it (the role of a Market Maker), has become an on-going practice. We need them, like we need ..... a 'hole in our head', ok?

My reply: http://tinyurl.com/447g46t

That video --> http://tinyurl.com/3gzer3l

Hey. If any 20/80 thinking readers would much prefer to subscribe to the (said to be) reality in the saying - that: "a rort is only a rort - if you are not in on it" - by all means, keep the system as it stands.

It's all about MONEY -

Yes ...... YOURS and mine

But if you feel that the 'picking of the pockets' of 80% of all ordinary fellow American people - is not 'fair play' (in this day and age), then you need to do something about it! - Change that corrupted system, asap.

Just an opinion, as always.

LOOK: 3:59PM EDT: $1.90  Up 0.04 (+2.15%)


Disclosure: Long LOOK and pretty happy.

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