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Let The Facebook V's GOOGLE Games now Begin?

"These companies want our trust. - - - They even want us to hold off strong legislation and allow them to self regulate. And now here comes Facebook, doing one of the dumbest things imaginable. It tried to beam attention on a privacy problem of a rival, but exposed itself as a sneaky maligner. Furthermore, the sorts of privacy fears Facebook evokes are exactly the sort that makes people worried about Facebook."

Search Guru Danny Sullivan briefly 'Tweeted', earlier today:

dannysullivan Danny Sullivan
At Facebook, the "# Of Days Without A Press Accident" got set back to 0 today

I then replied:
@dannysullivan ............ Hey ..It may only just be - the beginning of polarisation? It's nothing new -

In my own Seeking Alpha "bio" I wrote the following a few years back.

History will also show that ACAP (the, Automated Content Access Protocol), that I have been so 'passionate' about [
More ] in many a post made everywhere over the past few years, will not only become a part of our every-day lives, but will be fiercely-enforced along the way..

So, what is ACAP? - It's an access protocol that allows publisher sites to ban access to the content of that/any chosen, particular site.

Early Days

So it's all, only 'early days' yet. - But the 1st real signs of an "attack" on Google that, as far back as 2005 I not only wrote about, but almost suggested this could/should happen.

The print media has been given a real 'serve' by Google with its daily crawling of it's news (FREE) and that with ACAP then enforced, this service can then be kept within the bounds of partner sites. - All the chosen publisher sites under the umbrella of the likes of Microsoft, Yahoo and (yes) Facebook, to name a few.

(And within the rightful arms of the
World Newspapers of the globe.)

This then installs (by default) both Microsoft and Yahoo into the #1 news headline aggregators on the web. (With no Google)

Sure, newspaper will initially lose traffic now being driven to their sites ... but in just a short time, users will soon, quickly gravitate to Bing for both news and search, now installed on ALL newspaper sites. (Think of advertising). Too easy.

(And, as was some-what suggested back in 2005, Folkz)

It won't happen? Hey, I've heard that all before. Let's wait and see. :)


ps; [
Facebook Delivers Ads: According to a comScore overview of the U.S. online display advertising market for Q1...]

Disclosure: Long LOOK and so happy to be so, too...