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Yahoo! says that, "The goose that laid The Golden Egg is the Audience,"

Perhaps they are referring to a form of re-targeting audiences?

Yahoo! switches
on its new search-advertising software (code-named Project Panama) this summer and the project may prove it will be well worth the two years and tens of millions of dollars it cost — users will find text ads adjacent to the main search results are suddenly, that much more interesting & they will lure them to click on those ads a little more often. (According to SAUL HANSELL of

How interesting, this all now becomes. A number of negative articles on Yahoo's lack of enterprise shown in recent times, certainly do get to help drive it's share-price down for savvy accumulators to then get to help themselves to what then become, cheap shares.

Reviewing Yahoo!’s Right Media Exchange -For The Win!

YHOO Yesterday: 4:00PM EDT: $15.85  Down 0.70 (-4.26%)

I am now wondering if this new 'much more interesting' ads could have anything to do with being more highly 'targeted' ads (like behavioural, geo-located/local advertisers - the re-targeted variety), one wonders?

And, why not?

From the Looksmart CC (that followed the Q1 Report), the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jean-Yves F. Dexmier had made it quite clear that a disappointing (but expected) decline in revenues for Q1, was about ... 'The Yahoo!-Bing Search Alliance integration'.

That (factually, he cleared that point when saying), 'the Looksmart revenues derived from The Yahoo!-Bing Search Alliance integration were expected to hit a low point in this quarter.'

Helloooooo!! (?)

He went on to say, that (in regards to improved TAC & an increase in the gross margin numbers), ....... 'The lower contribution of Yahoo! partners within the advertiser network helped the gross margin ratio as those partners traditionally acquire premium traffic at significantly higher traffic acquisition cost. As these revenue streams progressively restores, we should see the corresponding impact on the margins.'  

On performance based offerings, Looksmart had clearly told all:

....."We expect to complete the launch in the second quarter of 2011 for all those models". - (The expansion of CPV [cost per view] and/or, CPA [or, cost per action] being the Co's 'performance based advertising' offerings, across it's total marketplace.)

CPV or, CPA retargeting by Yahoo? The NYT's article talks of Yahoo expecting such a big impact to come from new software, as it speaks of the complex art and science of running a search engine. - - -  When hundreds of thousands of advertisers [get to] bid for the attention of hundreds of millions of searchers.  - And where the Yahoo! Golden Egg is ultimately about providing highly targetable Audiences for advertisers, via it's search results? - - I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I'll remind readers of this info, from in a previous instapost:

What hasn't already been said here on my instablog about this (best?) outstanding form of advertising, that allows advertisers to reach any particular (single) user or, 'in market' prospect across the web?

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