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Lessig at e-G8 - Govt's of the World say, "Let 'us' do it right, for YOU"?

The realism of all this (in itself) IS scary, to say the least! (Is my 1st understanding. - - - Like many 'democratically' elected Govt's around the world telling all, to - "Let 'us' do it right, for YOU"?)

The Jeff Jarvis 'interview', after he (himself), had asked the question.!/search/realtime/interconn...

It's still (very much) 'early days' but my ongoing "beef" is, that 1st it was Yahoo! (Finance) that had CENSORED much of what I'd posted (for well over 3 years) along with a number of other sites (who have my IP address blocked) and, NOW it is Twitter, who have also 'joined in' with this almost draconic type of "gagging" of an expressed opinion.

Disregard in this linked Twitter thread below (and this, is my 2nd alias used), where I say I am back! - For as soon as they (Twitter) realised that I was posting in a 2nd alias and from another computer, they then blocked me, once again! I now have NO box to type a message in, at all!

Amazing (immediate) CENSORSHIP, to say the least.

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Yes Jeff (Jarvis) we do have a right to 'connect' & that "We the people of the Internet DO have to stand apart from intrusive measures and we DO have a need to DO NO HARM"

We have a right to connect and a need to freely communicate!

But WHO is taking any notice of what you (Jeff), are saying?

Self regulation, some may say? .....I'm not so sure. For, haven't we already arrived at a point, where
"The Fox IS Guarding the Hen House" ??



Jeff Jarvis:

pps; DELETED from Topix:

ppps; STOP THE PRESS!! There's now a reprieve at Twitter?  :)

Ross Bradley
Interconnector Ross Bradley
"The Fox Guarding the Hen House" lets me post once more? :)
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