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Looksmart's Marketplace Slowly Coming Together - Accumulation Continues too!

Today, CONTEXTWEB announced the addition of Three New Online Ad Tech Firms to its RTB Platform Partnership Program.

The continued "building" of a ONE (big) global marketplace steadily marches along - on it's way to that ultimate aim, is what I am seeing.

In a marketplace that has "interoperability" ultimately provided to it all, by an independent Looksmart. -

A number of mentions have been made of CONTEXTWEB (formerly, the ADSDAQ Exchange) here in my messages.-

It's all just a little confusing and that's not only for shareholders of Looksmart. - This is a company that has over $25M in cash, admits to a marketplace that's managing over 2 billion queries daily - - - yet on today's closing share price value, has a market cap of $29.36M !!

Yes, that's an enterprise value of less than $5M.

With the lack of any real transparency in what is occuring during this 'construction stage', is it any wonder that Market Makers (or, market manipulators?), can so easily go UP to buy shares, and bring it down so easily after their doing so. My reply to a disgruntled shareholder today hilights this (almost daily), banning of relative posts.

Re: someone is going to get picked for this manipulation

The fact that my daily 'thoughts' have been deleted, with my posting access denied on sites like Yahoo Finance (plus many others), and now includes TWITTER too, must surely make it clear to readers that my messages (or, opinions) are simply not welcomed, for others to even consider.

All an opinion, as always.

LOOK: 3:59PM EDT: $1.70  Down 0.07 (-3.95%)

"There's an old rhyme that pits out time take it for what it's worth,
Things are crook in Tallarook and there ain't no work in Burke,
But we still find room for the many who come a-knockin' at our door,
And we sell our wide brown acres without a second thought, .

Yes, re; The Financial Market? ....

It "Shouldn't be a crime to take the time to clean up our own backyard."

(Click on the Slim Dusty album cover here, for that 1st verse)  :)



Disclosure: Long LOOK and patiently await, in being so.