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Yahoo Back to CENSORSHIP of Posts on Yahoo Finance Chat Boards

Yahoo! Finance appear to be blocking posts of mine (once again), over on it's Yahoo Finance LOOK board.

My last post made (on 19th July - 05:51am) reveals some interesting findings. My (this, following) post is clearly recorded (by Yahoo) in the "List in Topics" register, as is shown here. [View all Topics]

Looksmart's Performance based Advertising to over-come FTC Privacy Iss...
by seekingthetruth93 [ 6-Mar-11 11:18 pm]
Not rated 10 19-Jun-11 05:51 am


But is no where to be found within the list of replies, as shown:

Readers (including myself) are unable to locate my post made, in the other format available. (Check it),  List as Individual Messages

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$15 Stock by end of year
by juiceman1189 [19-Jun-11 06:25 am]
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by oerhomenos
Looksmart's Performance based Advertising to over-come FTC Privacy Iss...
by seekingthetruth93 [ 6-Mar-11 11:18 pm]
Not rated 10 19-Jun-11 05:51 am
by seekingthetruth93...


When clicking on my "View Messages" (below my alias/name), the last post recorded there, is shown as being back on 31-Mar-11 01:04 pm.

[Surprise, surprise! This area is  now "back to normal"!

But where the F is my post? - Unbelievable Yahoo! - Oh that's right - By clicking on the 19-Jun-11 05:51 am date, you will find that:

Error: This message has been deleted]

It's all so sad. - Yahoo have big 'internal' problems, no doubt. - - Other shareholders of LOOK can hardly make a reply to a post made, IF they are NOT getting the initial post, to read! With my posts being blocked (once again by Yahoo), from others getting to be able to read them.

My post:

A reminder (once again) that Looksmart's CEO Jean-Yves (from within the CC, following the Q1 2011 Report), has told the market:

"We are now proposing the CPA or cost per action and CPV (or, cost per visit) model to our impression customers, who are [re?-] targeting new visitors to their sites.

We are able to select the right traffic in real time and deliver it at a guaranteed cost per visit recorded on their site rather than a traditional CPC basis."

"We are exclusively targeting direct advertisers and their agencies operating outside of the [Tier One?] search engines."


It become even more interesting (clearer?) when reading the following announcement, as it is one that specifically relates to performance based marketing.

< Media Breakaway, LLC, a pioneer in the performance-based marketing industry, announced the launch of today.

This new domain parking solution will revolutionize the domain parking industry by taking domains beyond traditional PPC monetization methods.

< "The team has been able to develop a premier tracking and reporting system which provides clients with current click, impression, revenue and RPM statistics.

Some clients are seeing up to $150 RPM on their domains which are monetized with a combination of CPC, CPA and CPV offers.

The program is currently accepting all types of domains including top level, premium and adult domains and specializes in domains with less than $20 RPM that are currently generating less than $0.25 per click

< "[The Team] is able to optimize on all traffic from international countries which is the key to increased RPM for their clients.">

Get the picture?

Much has been posted here on Yahoo's (for a number of years now), blatant CENSORSHIP of my posts to the LOOK board. I wonder why they do this? No need to be an Einstein, to work that answer out.

SHAME on Yahoo once again.