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GroupM Announces An End-To-End GLOBAL Solution (With "Xaxis")

This post was written almost 12 months ago to this day, but much of what follows remains so relevent, in terms of developments within the past 24 hours or, so.... Now, there's Facebook!!!

Twitter: WPP will buy direct on FACEBOOK too! With the Facebook Exchange adding "Xaxis" as a Partner

Group M (via it's WPP 'technology' - according to this huge news), 'is attempting to ring fence its own source of premium supply before any one company [GOOG?] tries to dominate with an end-to-end solution'

< Under the 'Xaxis' banner, WPP have unified all the business units that were previously housed disparately within GroupM, 24/7 Real Media , WPP . The execution of this strategy has enabled us to bring together, in a strategically aligned and executionally coherent manner, all of our global demand-side products into ------- a single global audience buying platform.

Xaxis is the world's largest audience buying company.... It is to use data and technology to enable our agencies to reach and engage with audiences at scale and in the execution of these objectives, deliver highly efficient & optimized digital media, measurable value, dramatically improved performance, and actionable insights for our clients. >

Full Story -

Can you discuss the technology that underpins Xaxis - - - the agency trading desk, the DMP, 24/7 Real Media and B3? How are you going to make all this tech work together?

JN: Our Data Management Platform (DMP), powers Xaxis' audience buying solutions. Xaxis enables us to implement a highly sophisticated data management strategy, with data centers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and on the West and East Coast of the USA, as well as in Australia.

Our data and targeting platform is comprised of proprietary WPP technology, augmented by best-in-class technology partners. These partners will share in the success of Xaxis through incentives.

WPP get plenty a mention, here on my instablog:

As part of those 'best in class technology partners' (mentioned by Jakob Nielsen, the GroupM Managing Director Interaction), it would be hard to go past (for Data) the (Adobe's), Omniture 'line in the sand' and includes data from Google's DoubleClick. -

Group M Co's can get to buy directly into Google's publishers, via it's Invite Media. In discounting Google (completely), for interoperability, it brings both AppNexus and Looksmart (with it's neutral 'search/user intent' performance based advertising- -across the total marketplace offering), right into that 'talked of' technology partners equation.

[29th June - Sir Martin Sorrell last night laid down a gauntlet to Google's Mark Howe, claiming ...that the internet giant had denied Sorrell's WPP access to its data.]

[Adotas - "On the supply side, Xaxis will be able to target audiences across the premium properties of GroupM's media partners."]

[AppNexus/eBay - - "the AppNexus platform provides single-point integration to the largest sources of inventory including the major inventory aggregators & ad exchanges like Google's DoubleClick and Microsoft's AdECN." See - AppNexus Ad Platform]

I believe, that AppNexus and Looksmart are much-like 'peas-in-a-pod' and that wherever AppNexus may ever go, Looksmarts own 'global' performance based marketplace, will be sure 'to follow'.

Just an opinion, as always.


ps; Mar 28th, 2011:

"Agencies and agency groups currently using Olive Brand Response with their DSPs include Group M, MediaBrands and OMD."

"The goal is to have the best technology in place in order to best monetize our publishers' inventory while providing our advertisers with the quality results they are looking for. This upgrade puts us in the best position to meet both of these needs." - Jeff Clark, head of technology,Olive Media.

Olive upgrades for DSPs - Media in Canada

APPNEXUS | Olive Media Taps AppNexus as Ad Server of Record

pps; Appnexus & European based DEM in Mexad.-

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so ....