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Amazon/Triggit? - More DECEPTION from Triggit's CEO Zach Coelius?

Many would consider that I had 'jumped the gun' in my April 11th instapost, when I posed the question, has Amazon's display advertising team begun Re-Targeting, with Looksmart? - - And, it was a fair enough question too, when considering that 'the supply source (for the Ad), is shown to be coming from Google's DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Today, the following "tweet" on Twitter caught my eye. - It's now clear, that Amazon are working with Triggit's DSP Technology.

triggit Triggit
by JonnyVick
Amazon chooses Triggit's DSP Technology. Finally announced! We're looking forward to doing great things together.

What does this all mean, I wonder?

Well (according to AllThingsDigital's account), ...

"Amazon uses the detailed data it collects on its customers and visitors to create pools of potential marketing targets.

..Amazon tells Triggit to hunt down particular Web surfers after they’ve left the site, using tracking “cookies;” once the start-up finds them it purchases ad inventory those users are looking at.

..Amazon uses that ad space to serve up an ad for the marketer it’s working with, and charges them for the impression

And isn't that 'exactly' what Microsoft (working with Criteo) will be doing using AppNexus to 'reach' it's own targeted user/s/audiences?

************** Do Online Marketers really have a need to Plough through a Data quagmire ...25 Mar 2011 – There is already a Microsoft - Criteo deal and Microsoft will be using AppNexus for it's 'remnent' inventory - and with Criteo (like Looksmart),-

Now .....

I've had plenty to mention of Triggit, it's technology & of it's CEO Zach ("All Warfare is based on Deception") Coelius, here on my instablog, too! -

There's enough circumstantial 'evidence' contained in that above link to ascertain that TRIGGIT are NOT, 'the Real McCoy', ok?

(I'm so sick of "Deception" in this 'space' and I get the feeling that many others are 'up to their necks' in trying to decipher what is 'real' from that, that is pure 'spin', too? - And that includes marketers! - As I had so pointed out in my today's comments that I'd made to the Adotas article -The Opt-In Revolution Has an Asset:

As stated in my own Amazon/Re-targeting story (2nd line, link) I will say it once more, that Amazon MUST protect it's own 'Gold-mine' of DATA, right?

Amazon WON'T be using Triggit IF Triggit was simply a 'private label' version, of AppNexus, right? And Google's own DoubleClick Exchange, would NOT be permitting AppNexus to access or, get anywhere near it's own mass of precious inventory Data.

Yet .... (From within my previous instapost)

[AppNexus/eBay - - "the AppNexus platform provides single-point integration to the largest sources of inventory including the major inventory aggregators & ad exchanges like Google's DoubleClick and Microsoft's AdECN." - See - AppNexus Ad Platform]

Previous Instapost- Group M announces An End-to-End GLOBAL Solution

It's clear (or, should be by now,) that for re-targeting across the entire ecosystem (at the very least), they will all need an inter-connector. (A 'go-between') - Is what they will need...

An independent 'marketplace' or, (what is a both ends) provider of interoperability between major players, operating within the entire global system, of players. -

A required separation was the initial reason as to why Google had put a ban on AppNexus, from operating within it's own Exchange's marketplace. -

Looksmart's own AdCenter platform and marketplace (after-all) was even built with the aid of Microsoft, and prior to its now offering (of performance marketing  - across it's global marketplace) Looksmart had told of "managing" two billion (queries), a day. current report.

LOOK: Jun 28: $1.52  Up 0.01 (+0.66%)

Looksmart (that has THE ONLY independent GLOBAL performance marketplace, on the web) has $25.5M in cash. And a market Cap of??

As all my instaposts are, just an opinion. But really, isn't it now time that Looksmart (Microsoft et al) "cut the cackle" and start to (not only 'clear the air' for ALL marketers), but come out and make it all much more transparent - - - - and thereby assure patient shareholders, in fully explaining exactly what it all means?

What Aren’t Publishers Getting About Real-Time Bidding Today?

Everything? Because they simply don't know who to believe?


ps; I need to comment on this post now, as Twitter blocks my 'direct' tweeting from here to my 49 loyal, Twitter Followers.   How sad?

pps; @ ..... "For Amazon, the display initiative will not just be about remnant retargeting for bottom-of-the-funnel direct response purposes." - Triggit Targeting For Amazon

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too...