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"Impressions Are Becoming Less Impressive"? - Hell No!!

The former head of the Advertising Platforms business for Yahoo! Bill Wise, (now, CEO of MediaBank) writes a 'thought provoking' article today, over at

Impressions Are Becoming Less Impressive (A Story Of GRP) - the latest thinking on the new world of data, (As Bill Wise 'tweeted' today.) - In his conclusion Bill Wise writes:

"When will the impression die completely as a metric? Probably never. .........But as more opportunities arise for measuring engagement and as impressions (and even clicks) mean less and less all the time, we'll have to all learn new ways to make our numbers engaging."

I beg to differ. Those clicks on the billions of low costing eCPM banners ARE (and will be) more important than even TV Ads, and for such a long time to come.

And thats.....

...In spite of Ad Blindness, 'Attention Deficit Disorder, intense media clutter, and [those] millions of messages vying for consumers' attention at any one time, [and] the fact that people see something doesn't mean they actually care.'

My reply (and reasoning, for what it's worth) came in my post over on Yahoo Finance. - Re: How are Exchanges "Inter-connected"?

And the "retargeting" of those very same eCPM clicks provided by or, coming from web users, with the advent of digital TV?? - UHmm? It's closer than many may imagine, is what I feel.-


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