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Publicis Groupe's Vivaki Joins the Looksmart Performance Marketplace?

It's important to note that VivaKi today announced its now having a Nerve Center strategic partnership with VisualDNA (in the UK), that will provide advanced data solutions for it's Audience On Demand™ (NYSE:AOD) trading desk.

VivaKi is part of Publicis Groupe that is said to be the world’s third largest communications group. -- This Co (I feel), is such an important 'player' in the development of Looksmart's 'exclusive' performance marketing (global) marketplace.

In my instablog (Feb 9, 2011) it was pointed out that VisualDNA had announced their own intention to partner with demand-side platform AppNexus. -

This announcement is so significant (I feel) as 'VivaKi further grows its data footprint with local partners - - - providing a data compliant partner that has a unique method of data collection, audience segmentation with global scale.'

In my own (above linked) instapost, it was pointed out that VisualDNA advised it can profile audiences generating high value actionable data at scale - - and using patented image-based quizzes that also includes behavioral-tracking inference technology.

And in view of an AppNexux/Criteo partnership, I have no doubt that the mention of 'behavioral-tracking inference technology' (above), must also be that, of Criteo.

The 'closeness' of both (Microsoft's?) AppNexus & Looksmart's own AdCenter marketplace technology has been well documented here on my instablog. Current Report.

Microsoft (who as advised above, by Looksmart) had helped build it's AdCenter Marketplace. - There is already a Microsoft/Criteo deal and Microsoft will be using AppNexus for it's 'remnant' inventory.

The global proliferation of and low-key deception coming from those 'in the industry', about (including the fact of, Microsoft's invesment in) AppNexus, has been well noted.

..... Back to Looksmart's 'exclusive' performance marketing (global) marketplace, you might well be wondering?

(in the CC following the Q1 2011 Report), Looksmart had clearly told the market:

"We are now proposing the CPA or cost per action and CPV (or, cost per visit), model to our impression customers, who are [re?-] targeting new visitors to their sites.

We are able to select the right traffic in real time and deliver it at a guaranteed cost per visit recorded on their site rather than a traditional CPC basis

"We are exclusively targeting direct advertisers and their agencies operating outside of the [Tier One?] search engines."

In the meantime, scurrulous Market Makers have dragged Looksmart's share-price values down today: to close with a Market Cap that's below the stated $25.6M in cash that the Co held, end of Q1 2011. And the Co remains silent, in total disregard of it's shareholders. How sad.

LOOK: 4:00PM EDT: $1.45  Down 0.13 (-8.23%)

All, just an opinion.


ps; And Looksmart has finally made one of Terence Kawaja's famous ecosystem landscape maps ("Search Lumascope"), being so quietly listed there alongside the PPC Network 7Search & adMarketplace. With all three pictured as being Search Advertising Networks.

How quaint, Terence!

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so...