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Smaller Publishers are NOT happy! - - And is it any wonder why?

They are NOT being told the FULL story, is my reckoning. - - That performance marketing (including the re-targeting of individuals), by advertisers bidding against each other across the web  -- generally should get to see higher averaged revenues coming to them.

Meaning additional revenues (that previously went, un-monetised), that can then result from off their many off-shore 'users', who may regularly visit their sites.

And where we should see situations of local marketers 'taking-on' big global brands blindly - - being provided with an opportunity to win the bid and show their product or, service to their targeted user.

The following (& a more than reasonable - yet un-signed) question was asked in a comment reply to a 'whinge' type article by Tyler Fitch (a Yield Management expert at Mindjolt), over at adexchanger today.

"Which ad servers already have exchanges built in with the ability to set floors for those 3 main factors that you mentioned in your other article (page, country & frequency)? And which of those exchanges provide you with bid level data for each of those?"

[Click on] The Tyler Fitch reply to this 'loaded' question provided even more of the kind of 'gobbledygook' - that could only confuse SMPs (small to medium sized publishers), even further than they are, I feel.

Tyler Fitch did mention one thing I fully agree with and that's that...

RTB does NOT scale (yet).
- But, it soon will.

As 'the undisputed master of gobbledygook', I've just posted a number of 'thoughts' over on the Yahoo Finance LOOK board that hopefully may help S&M size Publishers get to understand. (Just a little more).

Certainly about what I believe is a very bright future that lies ahead for them. Provided they get to align themselves to publisher networks 'enabled' with an ad server [that] already have exchanges built in with the ability [for them to then] set floors. [And who also - can provide performance marketing at scale across a full OPEN RTB marketplace]

A fellow (long time) shareholder of LOOK had told me in a reply, that I was too optimistic.


In four typical long-winded posts I set out to tell him, that I felt I had every reason to be optimistic.

Publishers who do have concerns, may care to read them for a POV that might just shed some more light on this subject, hopefully.

I believe performance based marketing (with the re-targeting of users across a total OPEN marketplace) will generally ensure that higher average payments are made to publishers and will then be providing many of them with much, much healthier revenues.

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To think that those exciting type expandable banners that I feel will prove exceptional for 're-targeting' haven't already been 'tested' on major publisher sites (I've come across them on Yahoo Finance), would be a grave error to do so. [SEE comment/link in the ps; below]

A Looksmart AdCenter partner (in 'dBase Media') already offers it's uni-cast [video] ads [that] they say are very popular today.

This is basically a TV commercial [they advise] that runs in a browser window. [where] A user can simply click on the ad to receive more information. (Like, to then watch a video on their very 'interest'?)

(Just run your mouse over that top banner in the link above, to see it 'expand' and that then, offers you a video option to view). How good is that? Click on the Ad for a chance to win a holiday from their website, too.

And how much will they cost advertisers/marketers when 'blindly' bidding against each other to reach their targeted audiences or, that 're-targetable', individual user/s? (In what is soon to become a highly competitive global marketplace?)

That 're-targetable' user may just be a visitor to YOUR site who comes to you from anywhere, across the web. (Meaning - any publisher's site with visitors who 'drop in' regularly, from all parts of the world).

And as was pointed out in my recent instapost [], I had opined that 're-targeted' banner ad/s -- would then become (only) a matter for the advertiser, the site and the user - who has been previously identified (& elsewhere), as being such a critical part of all marketer's desired or optimum, re-targetable audience.

With, RTB @ scale - times ahead are (indeed), exciting for publishers.

Just an opinion.

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ps; The AdExchanger "comic" cartoon today, tells the story so well!!

Disclosure: Long LOOK and excited!!