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Google Display Ads Now Shown on the New York Times

New York-based Group Commerce (only recently out of stealth mode), is said to have both the funding and the right pedigree to be a viable contender.

The Comany (Founded by former Google and DoubleClick executives David Rosenblatt, Jonty Kelt and Andrew Glenn) already boasts of four major publishers for its platform:

DailyCandy, Meredith Corporation, Thrillist and The New York Times.

Already, I've found geo-targeted Google Display Ads, appearing back to me here in Australia, on The NY Times.



Referring URL:

How interesting!! Read on...

Meredith (through Group Commerce), have also recently launched a Facebook Social Commerce Network -

In another account we are told that:

"Group Commerce enables publishers (media companies, email newsletters, social media channels, etc.) to use both the authority of their brands & their deep understanding of their audiences to compete in the booming $4 billion group buying market. - As a fully white-label platform, the Group Commerce solution gives publishers complete control over their brand and [precious] customer data while creating sustainable new eCommerce revenue streams."

And I've no doubt that ALL publishers (incuding The New York Times), have a need to control/protect their "customer data" (from the likes of Google - as I feel, is the NYT case described above) and are doing so, by using a 'circuit breaker' (& fire-wall, type of interconnector or, the required separator), in using the likes of  Group Commerce. Who may yet prove to be simply another (hush-hushed) example of being, a 'private-labeled' Looksmart Publisher Solution, licensee.

[MediosOne and AD2 Networks join the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace as Premier Partners - 02/04/08]

If I can now quote the words of a LookSmark AdCenter partner in Jacob Nizri ( Technologies President, Display Ad Networks), who says:

< "We are witnessing dramatic trends in Internet advertising. - What's hot are the social ads. - The perfect “foot in the door” to the young, trendy and popular world of social networking like Facebook, Twitter and blogs, as they have assumed strong advertising relevance - We can zero in on the right audience at the right time and place.">

They (all publishers-especially the likes of Facebook/Twitter, NYT), will be in need of protection of their Data. It is the (neutral) Looksmart (independent) solution for publishers - - that will give them that full protection, certainly within it's own 'scaled' (Looksmart's global) OPEN, performance advertising marketplace.

Afterall, we have already been told by Google, that ....

 .."Google’s Jess Olsen soft-announced that Google’s pipeline includes a future capability to include display ad buys through other ad exchanges, not just DoubleClick’s."

As always, only an opinion. (An investor's POV)


ps; Over 2 years ago (on, July 1, 2009), and in my very 1st Instapost:

One thing that you can 'rest assured' of, is that just as the Japanese 'came' to Pearl Harbour in 1941, Looksmart's "Global Marketplace" WILL soon be a part of many a publisher site near you, if not, already so.

"Pre-warned is pre-armed"

pps; An intereresting "Tweet" here about Australian publisher who 'just don't get it', I feel.

ew_apac ExchangeWire APAC
Australian buy-side discuss publisher opposition to programmatic buying and refusal to sell to agency trading desks
They need to read my previous instapost, and learn some more on 're-targeting' and how that (alone) will create higher bidding among buyers, down to the (individual), impression level.

Ros Allison, Director of VivaKi Nerve Center in Australia, almost hints at this:

"The ability for buyers to value impressions individually in real time, based on the data and the expected delivery, lifts the inventory out of the commodity market. Multiple bidders, with different objectives and data insights enables real value based on tangible metrics."

WHY Looksmart (Microsoft?) are NOT declaring this probability, is behond me now .... Talk about confusion being created whilst the "Top end" get themselves postioned ...(After-all, time waits for no-one!)

Besides there's the excellent opportunity that an OPEN marketplace provides, with that real chance of monetising ALL visitors coming to a site (that's users), from all over the web.

My opinion.


: Long LOOK and happy to be so...