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Looksmart - The SACRIFICIAL LAMB being had, for Xmas in July?

Christmas in July (according to Wikipedia) refers to Christmas-themed celebrations held in July. In parts of the world people will throw parties during July that mimic Christmas celebrations, bringing an atmosphere of Christmas but with warmer temperatures.

Whilst my title today suggests that LookSmart (Nasdaq:LOOK) are being 'eaten up' this July, it's almost been a week of Xmases since the Co has given it's shareholders any reason to celebrate.

I do realise (and fully understand) there are reasons for doing so, but the fact is that for over 5 long years - shareholders have been 'kept in the dark' as to what I believe, is going on.

The 'building' of a much fairer & a certainly more efficient means for advertisers to reach their 'target' (anywhere around the world), via the web.

Who are we? Probably, Looksmart is best described on this blog.

<The LookSmart AdCenter API makes data & functionality available to advertisers outside of the AdCenter website. Developers can manage large or complex advertising campaigns programmatically.

The API allows developers to create and change campaigns and advertisements.

Further, the API can be used to integrate with internal reporting, billing and inventory management systems

It is a known fact that Looksmart had told all, that it had added some 30 new publishers to it's marketplace, in the CC following Q4 2010.

For Looksmart, this soon gets to become an exclusive "scaled" performance based marketplace, that basically allows big Brand advertisers (& others), to then get to "re-target" users at the "scale" of the entire ecosystem.

And it's a quickly growing space (Zenith now predicts the internet will account for 18.3 per cent of the world's advertising spend by 2013, a total of $95 billion).
To disregard Microsoft's investment in AppNexus, would be foolish.

This (best) RTB platform will play a huge role in audience targeting, reaching out to almost all Exchanges and with an established Criteo partnership, it will become the dominent player in this field. (Many have that same Criteo relationship, including Google.)

Looksmart's AdCenter "management" platform (I maintain), is simply a 'clone' of AppNexus. -

Wherever Microsoft and AppNexus goes, the Looksmart (sacrificial) Lamb, will be sure to follow. It's clear now that AppNexus cannot 'talk' directly to Google's DoubleClick Exchange. - After-all, AppNexus now represents Microsoft's (so called) "remnant" inventory, globally.

It's the very reason that Google placed a halt to AppNexus' direct access to Google's inventory.

[See.... Google (Temporarily) Blocks AppNexus From Its Ad Exchange. Posted by admin on December 1st, 2010.. -]

But now......... AppNexus can 'talk' with GOOG's publishers (meaning Microsoft's advertisers do have to access Google's publisher users), via AdMeld.

And, vice-versa! The very reason why Google had to go out & purchase both Invite Media and AdMeld.

Now Google's advertisers can reach users at any time on Microsoft's publisher partners, by their going through a Invite Media-Appnexus pathway. - Both then (Google and Microsoft), effectively provide that solid 'fire-wall' for each other's publisher partners & own, user Data.

Yahoo! are quietly going about doing 'like-wise' for it's own RMX or, the Right Media Exchange. - For it's own advertisers/publisher to not only get to (blindly) "play" in it's own Exchange, but for (and, as described above) the likes of both Google and Microsoft (et al), to do so like-wise.

[Yahoo! buys 5to1]

In fact, Yahoo! recently announced it's own ad network.

AdExchangers says, that 'In addition to sharing revenue with publishers with what may be some very attractive CPMs, -- Yahoo! could also drop cookies & feed the beast of its ad targeting capabilities throughout the new network and on Yahoo! owned and operated sites.'

Now that's gunna be handy (for Looksmart), certainly when you consider that we have been told that "Yahoo Partners" are already a declared Looksmart "major" customers.

Looksmart's CEO Dr. Jean-Yves Dexmier told all (who listen), that the reason for the "sacrificial lamb's" huge drop in revenues, was that:

< ..."Yahoo! Partners, our largest customer group, continued to be affected significantly by reduced payments following the Yahoo!-Bing Search Alliance integration and consequently lower revenues to LookSmart. > -

Yahoo! CAN'T use the AppNexus platform for it's "separation" of Data (thereby protecting it from it's search partner, Microsoft), so will need to use Looksmart's "independent" AdCenter platform 'plumbing' solution to 'inter-connect', and to ensure it's own publishers are well guarded.

And, as explained.....

Google got it's publisher platform entry "reach" into this, Looksmart's exclusively neutral, global re-targeting based marketplace (is what I feel), following GOOG's acquisition of AdMeld.

That unique 'reach' being assembled for advertisers is now being 'built' pretty swiftly, with a likely two Indonesian enable networks 'exampled', in my previous instapost.

So, what does it all mean?

Well, it's a unique 'reach' being assembled for advertisers that is now being 'built' pretty swiftly by Microsoft/AppNexus/Criteo/Looksmart, et al - that will soon enable advertisers to 'target' users all over the web.

Where Looksmart will get to exclusively 're-target' across the entire ecosystem, on behalf of them ALL ....


And then there's China & Baidu -

Where publishers will get to see much improved ROI, with revenue then coming from all ends. - - Even from the likely two Indonesian enable networks - as 'exampled', in my previous instapost.

All, just my own opinion.

LOOK: 3:58PM EDT: $1.49  Down 0.01 (-0.67%) 

Check that MC -

Below are my today's research 'notes' to support my own line of thought. Yes, I do do a lot and enjoy it so much. - It makes me 'think'... 

Oh, and Xmas (this year), just can't come quick enough!! :)


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so...

AdJuggler .. -

*Support for mobile, IAB’s VAST video spec, and Brightcove
*Expanded retargeting & post impression tracking options
*Enhanced work flow, invoicing support

aiMatch, is yet another ....

"As a Brightcove partner, aiMatch works seemlessly in the video player to enable intelligent ad delivery of IAB VAST and VPAID standard advertisements from any sales channel."

Three More Publishers Tap aiMatch for Ad-Server - Altitude Digital ... Unified platform manages and forecasts ads in U.S., Australia & New Zealand. RALEIGH, NC — November 29, 2010. aiMatch, the intelligent ad-serving platform ..

ADP is expecting a 30% lift in CPM rates for publishers with Appnexus partnership 42 days ago · reply · retweet · favorite

fAltitude Digital (altitudedp) on Twitter - Cached
ADP is expecting a 30% lift in CPM rates for publishers with Appnexus partnership 2:12 PM Jun ... ADP is excited to announce as a client. ...

APD has now signed more that 150 top tier publishers, including,, & 107 days ago · reply · retweet · favorite!/altitudedp


(In clicking on any of those partners - from here in Ozzie, geo-d ads are being served. Suncorp, Visa to me, mostly. It works. Ha! They do know that I'm looking for cash!)
ps; 28th of July, 2011 - Amazingly the "tweet" says it all.. (I feel)
AppNexus AppNexus
Altitude Digital Partners Selects AppNexus as its Ad Server of Record
DoubleClick Ad 'served' on LA Times;!category=net;pos=1;tile=3;ptype=sf;sz=160x600;;ord=123456789?

Facebook Ad on LA Times (Uni of Qld) - Top banner. (Adobe Flash)

It's clear that AppNexus would NOT be serving that Google Ad, as should be understood - from the previous 'hick-up', described above...

It can though, by using a neutral 'inter-connector' and would be coming into The LA Times via an Invite Media 'plumbing' link between itself & AppNexus, then through to any of the ADP publisher partners, thereby always nullifying any (all) Data leakages.

Facebook are doing likewise (re; LA Times Ad), in a similar fashion.


Google: aiMatch Australia -

Digital Spy Selects aiMatch for Fresh Approach to Ad Serving ...

Global entertainment news site Digital Spy reaches 10 million unique users and serves 130 million pageviews per month. It is one of the U.K.’s largest entertainment news websites, and has recently launched in the United States.

The company will be the first in the U.K. to utilize aiMatch’s platform to help better define and deliver target audiences for advertisers, who will be able to reach segments of Digital Spy’s engaged audience through highly targeted campaigns.

The publication will also use aiMatch’s advanced business intelligence technology to better understand the correlation between different editorial content and advertiser revenue, enabling Digital Spy’s business teams to help advertisers reach audiences following editorial content covering specific TV shows, movies and celebrities.

Nice Ads:

aiMatch blogpost:

Then there is remnant inventory, the inventory not sold through their in-house team. Over the past 12 months these publishers have been seeing a dramatic change and the rapid adoption of real-time bidding is blurring the line between which type of inventory generates the most revenue for them. Like any smart publisher, they want to make the most of this paradigm shift without sacrificing the relationships of their direct sales team.

These publishers need a smarter ad serving platform with better data management and delivery controls — one that could manage the yield across channels, including RTB and ad networks, and could match the best revenue channel to their inventory products. There are massive changes in the ways people are buying, but a lot of the tools available couldn’t provide what they needed.

This technology looks toward the future and takes it from an art to a science. Being able to make data-driven decisions versus “feeling it out” is critical for optimizing yield and the prices that you can command in the market place,” says Jay Wilson, director of ad operations at Photobucket. - Showing Geo-d Ads (Suncorp/Visa)

A Google Ad address, from an Ad on -


Yet, another:

Yes, it's a ......

< demand-side platform (DSP) that provides intent-targeted display advertising, [that] is the latest addition to Lijit’s RTB platform. integrates search, contextual, behavioral, 3rd-party segments, and 1st-party client data to help advertisers execute on audience-based campaigns that deliver above average campaign performance.

Leveraging the search intent heritage of both companies allows Lijit to provide publishers with monetization options that correlate display advertising with reader intent to deliver more money and better fill rates from premium brand advertisers.>