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The "Straw man" of Yahoo Finance's LOOKSMART board Has Returned

The "Straw man" of the Yahoo Finance LOOK board has returned once again. A 'rough and tumble' arena, certainly not for the faint hearted. Not happy to make a hit and run type post (and for whatever reason), **Yahoo won't permit my reply back to him, from being posted.

Re: Sell the company

##.. But if the poster says sell the company, you immediately condemn the poster, then suggest they may sell parts? ..##

Now Mikey has had a helluva lot of mentions here on my instablog too and certainly, many more than what Justin Bieber has had...

Anyhow...Here is my own "no holds barred" reply to his assault on me:


Great to see that you are STILL reading my posts ... And yet, you sold your 1000 shares some time back ... @ how much???

Go on, tell the board!! OK, I will.

Mikey sold his 1000 shares when LOOK was down @ $0.97c would you believe?  He posted that fact, here on this board, at the time!

The 1000 were the only parcel that traded in the A/Hrs (and following an after market close announcement by the Co - that he had read wrongly), he posted that he sold 'just now'....


But about that "part sale" of Looksmart? - Who was it Mikey, that only a few years back wrote:

< They clued us to about $12 as the minimum when they made their "special dividend" announcement back in the Fall. Wouldn't you think they have been approached with some ridiculous offers and broadcast their disgust by openly proclaiming, "don't come to us with less than $12."? >

And on that same day, Jan 28, 2008 .... Who wrote the following?

< Ross, your media co-op thoughts, if put into action by LOOK and the newspaper publishers is so big that I have not allowed myself to get over excited about the possibility. It could propel LOOK to dimensions we (most shareholders besides you) have not fully entertained. As such I have not openly held on that this will happen. But of course I hope.

[Besides ME Mikey?]

By adopting minimal expectations I will not be disappointed if the low bar is not achieved.

" why wouldn't they all just accept, that they have no answer to Google and succumb? Because they know it to be different "

As do we. The growth of online marketing is projected to increase to 50 bil. by 2011 and LOOK is a player. We also know Google is not to be the king forever.  I am seeing clues in the Blogosphere as more bloggers are choosing alternatives to AdSense. I am trying to switch to Blogads myself to shake up the ad blindness Adsense invites.

No my friend the industry needs and wants alternatives to Google and we are sitting on one of the candidates to take a front seat

Now tell the board here that YOU are the quintessential "Straw man". (.....A straw man is an intentional misrepresentation of an opponent's position, often used in debates with unsophisticated audiences to make it ...blah, blah...)


Go back to your 'position' under that rock that you have just come out from. (WE don't like your type here) .... Go back and rejoin your 'mate' smuggleroid, who was also sent under there by me.  (Along with you).

UHMmm? .... And, how long ago was it now?


Oh, and here's today's "Joke of the Day" for you, ok?

And, WHY wouldn't Looksmart move to Canada?

Mikey ... My posts here are neither to "win" friends nor "influence" people. I post simply to invite discussion on the Co that I am invested in. So, why do you post here, I ask?


Re: Manipulation of Yahoo is going on