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Looksmart, ATDs (Agency Trading Desks) and AdLux? - Asia Pacific (APAC)

Social Media sites (like Twitter & Facebook) can often provide wonderful 'pictures', for when researching a favourite company or, the segment it may occupy.- Looksmart & Digital Media Co's is where it's all at!

DSP Triggit's CEO Zach Coelius (who'd gone 'toe-to-toe' with Mac Delaney of Vivaki in what is the now famous video 'rumble'), is still very unhappy. He doesn't like the role big Agencies will be playing, in working with advertisers through ATDs or, agency trading desks.

Late yesterday he was "Tweeting" his disatisfactions once more, over on Twitter.!/zachcoelius ;

Zach may have missed my own enquiry "tweet" (to him, as follows), as he did not reply.

[@zachcoelius @saralivingston @mjbarash - Zach ......any idea as to how many ATDs that are already be out there?]

So for my own curiosity, I went about trying to identify Co's that I feel do have that global (re-targeting capability), & that may well even be enabled by my guess as to who an independent technology providore may be. (Looksmart)

The following are copied notes taken from the web. Not necessarily in any order. To me (it's clear) that Zach is fighting a losing 'battle' & that (after-all), the Holding Co's do have the client, the marketing expertise (who know the Market) and certainly - they mostly have the 'creative' talent that's required to 'deliver' (win-win-win), type campaigns.

Chech this!! (Who I feel, is from Ikon) -

This probably started back when a Tweet from long-time Looksmart AdCenter partner (here in OZ), Excite Digital. was noted.

Owner: excite digital media pty ltd Nicholas Stavropoulos (

The Tweet

Evan Balafas - CEO Excite Digital (long time Looksmart Partner). "Landed in SF, on my way to lunch with the team Looksmart"


And I feel that this meeting may have been discussion on the direct representation for and the white-labeling of the Looksmart AdCenter Platform in the APAC region. (via AdLux) A Co that is now CEO-ed by the owner of Excite Digital - Nicholas Stavropoulos), along with the 'co-hosting' of a San Francisco 'get-together' with Nami Media and Canada's own Genie Knows (another long time Looksmart partner), being a networking (piss-up) event.

So, it's fair of me to assume that AdLux (the Agent Provocateur, so to speak) have then - - engaged Brandscreen to market the platform throughout APAC zone. The mention of the (I feel) Ikon (Toronto City) creative, is purely from the Brandscreen pipeline, here in Australia.

is Australia’s leading independent search network and a technology leader in paid search solutions.
CEO: Nicholas Stavropoulos - Excite Digital -       Facebook:

Aussie search network AdLux taking on Google - Technology News ..

AdLux CTO Allen Hammock  - (eX Looksmart - on loan to assist?)

It wasn't so much the Tweeted "celebration" over a tennis doubles result, but more about the composition of both teams that played in the game.

the crowd got their money's worth last night with a 6-4, 6-7, 6-0 win for @OMD_AU and @dgmAustralia over @Adluxppc @StarcomOz. New balls! July 6 at 10:14am
. Colby Wong good job team OMD/DGM
Facebook -

The remaining 'info' should explain itself. I need no convincing (at all) as to where this is all heading and, for years to come.

AdLux enters South East Asia market following success in Australia

June 16th 2011

Reprise Media Managing Director, Australia, David Fernandez, says “We have worked closely with AdLux since they launched the business in Australia and have seen excellent results for many of our clients.”

[ - A member of the Mediabrands Australia board and singularly responsible for the profitable growth and development of Reprise Media Australia.]

 - DMS Group Pte. Ltd - Holding Co -

< DMS Group comprises three operating companies:

Admax Network, Southeast Asia’s leading digital advertising network with over 1,200 local and international sites reaching 65.2 million readers across the region; Admax Plus (, a leader in providing agencies and advertisers with tools and services for PR syndication, video syndication, search and social media marketing; and Impaq Interactive, the sales partner in Thailand and the Philippines for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions and a key developer of services and content for MSN across the Southeast Asia region. - ; >

[Brandscreen technology powers VivaKi trading desk for real-time display buys-great item by VivaKi MD, Ros Allison]

It was a good 'story', but just who is Brandscreen to get to power an agency (this instance), the size of Vivaki, is what I wondered? - - I then delved a little further to find in another report, that (here in OZ), VivaKi (Publicis), PHD (Omnicom Media Group) and Ikon --- are the first three agencies said to be using Brandscreen DSP’s trading tools-for both our local & global campaigns.-]

[Ikon: Added 05/21/2011 - Re: LOOK - Re: LOOK - -!/IkonComm_AU]

AdLux - 'Moving in' present from Ikon (How nice!) - AdLux added 2 new photos to the album Ikon Communications moving in present.

Aegis Media own

lAdMonster Singapore: 28th of July, 2011 - Ruth Stubbs Keynote speaker - plus AdMax - performance marketing]

lAsia Media Journal - Ruth Stubbs To Head IProspect in Asia-Pacific 24 Nov 2010 – Singapore: Nick Waters, CEO Aegis Media Asia Pacific, announced today the appointment of Ruth Stubbs as President iProspect and Former president of Mediabrands Ruth Stubbs will]

< .Ruth’s appointment comes just two weeks after the announcement of Jean Lin as CEO of Isobar Asia Pacific. Lin was a key member behind Isobar’s new global strategy & restructuring in May this year, bringing together Aegis’ digital agencies in 30 markets to create a coherent global communications agency with digital at its heart.

"Ruth's appointment to the AP leadership team, alongside Jean, strengthens the digital focus of the regional management team,” Nick added.

For the past 18 months Ruth has been President of Mediabrands Ventures Asia Pacific, and was responsible for developing and growing their assets across 11 markets in the region.  Prior to this she spent 5 years with WPP’s GroupM as founding Asia Pacific CEO of GroupM Interaction>

From my own InstaBlog: -

[Aegis Media tells all, that it happens to bring together, some of the worlds leading brands in marketing services with a shared vision to create the communications group of the future.

I knew I wasn't 'going around in cycles' when I then noted that Aegis not only has Isobar now 'under it's umbrella' in that others within the group also include, Posterscope, Carat, Vizeum and iProspect.

By clicking on the last mentioned of these named, I then found a bevy of CLIENTS that iProspect are so proud to drive digital success for.]

The "best" until the last? Starcom. They play Tennis, remember?

< SMG is a division of Publicis Groupe and aligned with VivaKi, an operating unit formed in June 2008 to accelerate the resources of each individual brand in and leverage the collective scale of Publicis Groupe's global media and digital networks, which also include ZenithOptimedia, Digitas and Denuo. - - - Led by joint managing partners Jack Klues and David Kenny, it serves to fortify the media operations and expand the digital offering of Publicis Groupe, as well as house a major operating unit and technology arm known as the Nerve Center.

Publicis Groupe
is the world’s fourth largest communications group, as well as the world’s second largest media counsel and buying group. Its activities span 104 countries on five continents, with nearly 40,000 employees.

For more on our global media network,>

Jack Meyer had pointed out:

< The online publisher, RTB, DSP, Ad Exchange, horizontal and vertical ad network, data, verification, optimization and tools business is not an easy maze to navigate. .,,,,,,,,.There are at least 15 leading online DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) including MediaMath, InviteMedia, [x + 1], TURN, Data XU, appnexus, Efficient Frontier, Triggit,, AdBuyer, Trade Desk, Lucid Media, BRANDSCREEN and Adchemy.>

Read more:

 I feel strongly, that as Looksmart ARE to be that "inter-connector", it becomes irrelevant as to how they (both advertisers & publishers) get to access the Global marketplace, as long as they are partnered with or, via an (independent) Looksmart API enabled, DPS or, SSP entity.

This then allows their advertisers to 'bid' in that hugely scaled OPEN Marketplace including their own (existing) marketplace. The highest bid will 'win' the impression. - And yet, protects publisher data, in the case of the of the supply-side.- I also believe that this (today's) MediaMath announcement [Read more] may well support this, my theory:

< ...MediaMath, a top digital media-buying platform, just closed $20 million of funding, bringing its total capitalization to $30 million. ..The New York-based startup, which bills itself as the "Bloomberg terminal for marketing," licenses its technology to top agency holding companies and media buyers such as Publicis, WPP, Cadreon and Starcom so they can bid on ad space across exchanges such as Yahoo's Right Media, Google's AdEx and Microsoft's AdECN.

Altogether, MediaMath's buying terminal transacts tens of millions in online ad spending each month, said its CEO, Joe Zawadzki. The company also offers buying on Facebook through a partnership with Clickable & Spruce Media, though MediaMath says the next version of its buying dashboard will plug directly into Facebook's ad platform.>

< He said Google is, actually, a client, and though he declined to specify which services Google uses, he suggested MediaMath was able better find premium placements for brand advertisers.

"Our thesis is best interoperability," Mr. Zawadzki says. "Rather than buying an AdMeld, we partner more deeply with [Google's] AdMeld and Rubicon and Pubmatic.">

 To Chris O'Hara, who was kind enough to "reply" to me (following a Tweet to him), I'd say that you will be getting a good 'run down' by now, of what lies ahead. Plus the 'company' you may well be keeping, for a long time, @ your (so) well conducted business TRAFFIQ.

Thanks again!
chrisohara on AppNexus and Looksmart - To Provide Company for TRAFFIQ? Great work, sir. I am researching your previous...
Digital Industry Veteran Ratha Grimes Joins TRAFFIQ as Technical ...

So Zach .. I'm not sure if any of this is making sense to you (I am such a bungling type writer), but like your-self, I do wonder about the future for the many who haven't as yet been, well, 'enabled'.

And if this is just the "As",there are more "ads" (Networks) out there than you can poke a stick at!​ml

Just my own opinions expressed, as always.


ps; 25th August: Ikon claims to be 100% transparent in online trading

Disclosure: Long LOOK