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Looksmart, Acxiom, MDC Partners and (INUV) Inuvo....

#.. There will be a need (and the Co is 'long odds-on' to do so, I feel), to sell "The LookSmart Ad Network" - - to a very progressive Canadian Media Co, in Scott Kauffman's (other Co), MDC Partners.

Thus, the already announced move to Toronto of what appears could be this line of the Co's two businesses. - Hopefully Looksmart do get to retain a 'minority stake' in any such disposal to MDC Partners
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Re: Hey Body Bag.... (NYSE:A)

Was my 'scenario', from a few weeks back...That's now changed!

I've now 'backed-off' the above 'thought' and moved my disposal 'sale' position (now), to a hoped for Acxiom 'hook-up', with Inuvo getting the Looksmart Ad network. And for INUV, to then gain it's own access into the Looksmart OPEN (performance based), marketplace. One can only hope, I guess.

Interesting to read that for MDC Partners, technology and digital services revenue has made up 51% of their total revenues ($240.5 million versus $169.9 million in Q2 2010), in Q2 2011.
MDC's Guidance for 2011 is maintained as follows:

2011 Guidance
Revenue $850 - $870 million
EBITDA     $108 - $112 million
Free Cash Flow  -  $43 - $46 million
+ Change in Working Capital and Other +$5 million
Total Free Cash Flow $48 - $51 million

MDC Partners, who do operate their own ATD (or, agency trading desk), told all-some 12 months ago, that they have over 20+ audience partners that then allows them to find the right audiences for the right campaigns - - - and that they do (in fact), have access to numerous biddable inventory sources - - that includes Yahoo!, Google, MSFT's AdECN, AOL, Pubmatic, and AppNexus. [With AppNexus being so pivotal, I feel]

Shareholders can rest assured that with Scott Kauffman in LOOK's camp (the 'newest' of Looksmart's Board members - - - who is also a member of the MDC Partners' board), it's fair to say that Looksmart's AdCenter performance based marketplace will (no doubt) now become a strong part of the MDC Partner's digital operations, going forward.

For my money, the main "game" for LOOK has now-only just begun!

Is all - only my opinion, of course.

(Digital Advertising's Big Data Strategy | ClickZ)


ps; (Note: Acxiom has now become a 'follower', over on Twitter)

Disclosure: Long LOOK and so happy to be so...