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DIGIDAY - Hypebusters: Audience Targeting is Overrated

An article from DIGIDAY today unfortunately, is generally attacking the outstanding merits of Audience Targeting.

In defense of the now "exclusive" commitment of Looksmart - to performance marketing - I posted a comment to the article, myself.

[Since my comment, DIGIDAY it appears, have deleted the article]

[Whoops! It is back again!!]

It is so clear to me that even those who operate businesses 'in this space', are NOT aware of exactly what is going on around them.

How sad is that?

(....Audience targeting is great if you want to reach small numbers of people who may already have purchased what you are selling, according to NetSeer CEO John Mracek. - - - In his mind, the retargeting trend ignores timing, environment and mindset -- all essentials for effective, large-scale online campaigns.)

"Hypebusters: Audience Targeting is Overrated"

Pretty soon NetSeer's CEO John Mracek and the market (itself) will be made aware of Looksmart's own "exclusive" role/marketplace of scale, with LOOK being associated with (no doubt) what surely is THE hottest show in town!! - - - -

Many Happy Days ahead here, Folkz! Like John Mracek, only an opinion.

LOOK: 3:55PM EDT: $1.40  Up 0.05 (+3.70%)


Disclosure: Long LOOK and becoming a little excited!