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Looksmart's Shareholders - Like Deer caught in The Headlights....

It was comforting to see (today), that Looksmart are once again Hiring. I posted the good news over on the Yahoo Finance LOOK board.

Re; New Hirings

Sadly, this (and other posted information for discussion), has fallen on deaf ears. Looksmart shareholders (are there any still left?), are very much like the proverbial, Deer caught in The Headlights of an oncoming vehicle, at night.

Maybe performance marketing needs some explaing to shareholders, I thought?

Re: Re; New Hirings - (CPA/CPV's)

From the above, I then posted the following:

#.. Looksmart (because it has the ONLY independent marketplace, that can offer Agencies/advertisers that much needed scale - across the internet), is now fully devoted to performance marketing...#

Shareholders should not only fully understand what this means, they should also "believe" that this IS so, I feel.

Yet, Looksmart are not 'exactly' telling the market of this. Now ask your-self why this would be so?

I mean ...... Why else would anyone want to be involved with this Co, if this is NOT so?

It doesn't (for one moment) mean, that the Co has anywhere near a monopoly on performance marketing. Far from it. But it does have an independent (global) marketplace, that does offer scale!

So, @ scale (and in considering that distinct need for "uniformity" in user data across all performance supply platforms - - 'apples with apples'?) and, to be able to then get that scale across ALL of the partner Exchanges (and thus, a or, that required broader cross-section of many a publisher's landing pages/inventory), does clearly make the Looksmart "solution", so unique!

How else will those "users" (that have been to the Widgets store - -  but did not convert), get to then see a 'repeat' of Widget Store ads (& selectively), across the internet?

Because if you don't .... Then other's will do so through your neglect, no doubt!! :)

(Find audiences @ scale...& much like Monetate can offer, perhaps?)

And the 'market' for any such "audience [re-] targeting" (@ scale), knows no boundaries - down to small 'zip code' targeting & can/will (in time), be applied for all kinds of campaigns.

Facebook have clearly (now) made this a probability. I have attempted to explain this within my most recent instapost.

[Added:Aug, 14th - Yahoo (it would seem?) can 'pick and choose' who THEY decide, can get to see what posts they (Yahoo's moderators of the board) feel readers should be seeing. - It's a form of CENSORSHIP at it's absolute worse. On whose behalf are Yahoo! acting for? Their own? - Are Yahoo! Playing God? Or, is it even something more sinister, perhaps? -]

Oh ...and let me do all the "thinking" here for you, no? - Be it correct or, incorrect?

I mean, are we not now in a position today (globally), as a result of us ordinary people (and, for far too long now), having had our/their "thinking" determined for us/them by mainstream media? (UHMm? well ... "It must be correct"? .."I read it in the newspaper" - "I saw it on Fox or, on Ch9"? .... Doh!)

Now, perhaps we should think about that over the week-end.


LC - LookingConfident

ps; Shareholder, research notes: Re: Why is LOOK worth anything

Disclosure: Long LOOK