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Hot off the Press!! Swami's M&A: Ad Tech Predictions

AdExchanger's John Ebbert has really set the cat among the pigeons and has got 'chins wagging' over on Twitter!

And yet, STILL not even a mention of Looksmart? Oh Dear!!

When 1st alerted to make a comment (by Rubicon's Sara Livingston),  Zach Coelius (the CEO of Triggit - who hadn't at that stage, read AdExchanger's Swami predictions), replied that..He ..'would love to, but there are no opinion pieces to respond to any more'...

I then 'Tweeted' Zac Coelius with my own invitation.

You could respond (discuss) here. You're welcomed to! :)

From AdExchanger today:

The very 1st "prediction" (as made), is of most importance, I feel.

< Prediction #1

This one's been bouncing around the ecosystem forEVER…......... ever since the company received $50 million in funding from Microsoft back in November of 2010. 

AppNexus may be Microsoft's meal ticket into the world of audience buying and it would seem - - that from this vantage point, anecdotally, efforts are being made to drive the next great ad revenue strategy at Microsoft - and hopefully overcome bureaucracy and political in-fighting. 

Direct sales and Microsoft Media Network sales have reigned at MSN, & Hotmail but with [Microsoft's] recent announced inclusion of non-guaranteed inventory through AppNexus, momentum would seem to be inevitably building. The Microsoft display mantra centers around optimizing yield for the publisher.

The Swami says, "Microsoft Buys AppNexus" before year end.  Probability: 90%, no, make it 91%! >

Full Story: Mergers and Acquisitions: Ad Tech Predictions For Fall

Comments (to the Swami's predictions) have 'dried up' but no doubt that others will be forthcoming and also full of further interest. (Zac himself, may even be working on getting a reply back to to me, here?)  :)

It was Zac (after-all) who'd 1st made me aware of his own Co Triggit's capabilities (as a DSP), and in spite of his 'twice' misspelling of, the AppNexus name!

< "We [Triggit] have been live with RTB on the Google exchange since September. - We were really lucky that the technology we built for bidding on Adnexus and Pubmatic was architected in such a way that it was pretty easy for us to integrate Google’s AdX." - >

I might add though, it's hard to believe much these days and with determing what is fact or, fiction is the question. Afterall, it was the CEO of Triggit who had himself once said, that "ALL Warfare is based on Deception"

Back to AppNexus and a company that I have made many a mention of, right here on my own instablog. - I've long held my own 'thoughts' on it's origin and just who it may belong to, too! -

Some more (lots of?) 'twists and turns' (truths, speculations and untruths') along the way before it all pans out, no doubt! - - There's NEVER a dull moment, that's for sure! 

But what of Looksmart, John Ebbert?

Are there no rumors or, even Swami predictions for this independent marketplace that admits to having over 60B (yes, with over 2 billion daily), queries per month across it's exclusive (scaled) performance marketplace ... whoops, I mean .. it's advertising networks?

All, just an opinion/s, as always.


ps; Comscore: "The Future of Search is Search Retargeting"

Disclosure: Long LOOK