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Microsoft buying Nokia or RIM? - Nah .. How about AppNexus

The question was 'put' Is Microsoft's next move buying Nokia or RIM? over at Zdnet ....Many replies have been received including mine, as follows:

Microsoft will most likely buy AppNexus and (with Looksmart in tow), will have well and truly 'bottled up' the performance based marketing marvel, across the web. And, not surprising, is that Google is already coming to them both, in an early start.

Further down the track, the Yahoo partner network (including those 850 odd newspaper businesses, within) will all get to then have Bing installed as their preferred search provider. So many other Global newspapers will then follow suit. (Check out World News -

The long awaited enactment of ACAP will see the demise (or, a slow strangulation) of Google in regards to daily"news", with users mostly being driven back to their respective regional or, local news sites for a daily dose of news and sports results.

Microsoft, with Looksmart both partner Facebook & subsequently (AppNexus/Looksmart), get to 'mine' user Data (intent), exclusively. 

What good will the Motorola hand pieces and or, even 'set top boxes' be (for Google users), without the daily news?

So by then, Nokia et al, will all be doing fine with Bing and a majority 'serve' of performance based Ads coming from or, being controlled across the web by, well ... 'you know who'!!

Mr Softy
wins the day.

Nothing that wasn't predicted some 5 years or, more ago!

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