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The Interpublic Group's Cadreon - "The Cat among the Pigeons", perhaps?

AdExchanger's supremo John Ebbert today, tells of (since 2008), some 32 acquisitions that relate to digital audience buying. [The Shrinking, Audience Buying Ecosystem]. He also feels that he may have even missed some, too!

And the number of Large Holding Co's that are (somewhat) 'independently' enabling their own global Agencies (in what does now appear to be, a bit of a hurry), is also making news, almost daily. In Australia, we're told that The Interpublic Group has only just launched it's digital media buying company Cadreon that's to operate independently of other Mediabrands companies under the IPG umbrella.

That Cadreon is to have its own client list may spell-out problems for existing & any future aspirations (of some), surrounding both Cadreon and MediaBrands.

Story:Mediabrands Launches Cadreon in Australia

It would very much appear that The Interpublic Group (who are the fourth-biggest advertising company worldwide) have not only got this right, but (with its 'clear-cut' Cadreon move), Interpublic have now made what is a very clear statement relating to any further 'thoughts' (whatsoever), of a recently rumored Publicis 'take-over'.

Mediabrands Worldwide (itself) does appear to be relishing the many challenges that lie ahead. - And the Cadreon news may prove such a big disappointment for MediaBank who had clearly stated that they want to displace ad networks and the demand-side platforms who are currently servicing the agency trading desks. (Like, IPG's Cadreon, Omnicom's Accuen, Vivaki's Nerve Center/AOD, WPP's The MIG, etc.).

[Cadreon is about Audience Management]

[Travis Johnson, Head of Cadreon Australia On Cadreon's Launch, & Initial Results Show A 20% – 30% Lift In Performance]

What's even more interesting, is that...

MediaBank's newly appointed SVP of Product Tim Olgilvie (being, the former CEO of AdBuyer,com - recently bought by MediaBank) in that same AdExchanger Q&A, says: "let’s say (IPG Mediabrands agency trading desk) Cadreon wants to use their DSP or ad networks, they're absolutely going to be welcome to do that"

I'm sure they will. They'll be keeping them all on their toes, too! In the recent MediaMath announcement [Read more] we were told, that:

< ...MediaMath, licenses its technology to top agency holding companies and media buyers such as Publicis, WPP, Cadreon and Starcom so they can bid on ad space across exchanges such as Yahoo's Right Media, Google's AdEx and Microsoft's AdECN. >

Yes .... For the lower priced eCPM type business, maybe?

In fact recently, MediaBank announced that holding company MDC Partners (four of it's agencies: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, kirshenbaum bond, senecal, Vitro and Source Marketing), had signed on for another multi-year agreement with MediaBank and its media agency, back office systems. Read the release.

Q? Will MDC's Varick Media Management's scaled performance ad buys (also), ultimately be going through the MediaBank trading desk?

(MDC's Scott L. Kauffman buying LOOK shares?

PLUS: Aug 24, 2011

Form 4 / Kauffman, Scott L

With Looksmart Solutions, (at both ends) Performance marketing (and @ scale), has now been simplified.

I'd suggest (that with Cadreon being announced, as to be operating independently) and just as I feel that Publicis' Vivaki and others will do likewise - - they will now clearly, all be doing their performance buys (audience targeting - - re-targeting users at scale) "in house" - across an entire (or, within the one big) marketplace. And an independent one, at that!

Whose could it be?

A former Looksmart CEO.(In Ted West) had made it so very clear to all (in a CC) or, certainly it should have been clear enough for those who may have listened:

"We believe that these performance features are comparable to those  from each of the leading propriety search advertising platforms, but also that they are unique at scale among competing non-propriety search advertising networks.

.......We fully understand that to replicate these performance features of scale would represent a significant engineering undertaking for any keyword search advertising provider
". -

Looksmart offer CPA and CPV type marketing solutions and operate its (the only) independent global performance marketing marketplace favoring neither publisher nor, advertisers, is my understanding. Both sides become clear winners as a result of efficiencies in its operation. Looksmart do offer global-like scale & have told all of it now having "over" 60B (yes, with over 2Billion daily), search queries per month.

So, just how much 're-targeting' data they are able to 'mine' from this, can only be left to one's own imagination!

[Now some 90 billion/month - Explained ]

Looksmart are said to be now targeting advertisers and agencies along these lines. Advertisers only pay for their winning bid price (or, that cost), per "action" or, a cost per "view". Readers need only take a good look at the existing capability of the Looksmart AdCenter 'targeting' offerings, in the Link below:

Always, ONLY an opinion.


ps; Michael Schoen, (ex Looksmart - on stage at Targus) SVP of Product Management and Services, Cadreon  - 

Performance Marketing

Cadreon; (March 17th, 2011) -
PR & News

1. Our Inventory Strategy
Cadreon has a holistic inventory strategy that spans across virtually any source of digitally-transactable media. Unlike many other players in our space, our inventory includes both direct-publishers and inventory aggregators (exchanges and networks). We feel that it is critical to the success of our clients’ campaigns to extend well beyond merely exchange aggregation, granting campaigns unique access to quality, transparent and relevant inventory sources that they wouldn’t otherwise have the ability to tap into, including several outlets in the ultra-premium category.
We are also working on a couple of key publisher partnerships [Google/Yahoo Search?] that will go well beyond access to impressions to include things like data-sharing and technology-partnership opportunities. We have extended beyond the display channel to include online video with the same capabilities as our display platform, and will very shortly be expanding to other types of digital media. We will have more to come on both of those topics shortly, so stay tuned.

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: Long LOOK and....  :)