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Microsoft (AppNexus) Yahoo? - LOST in the CLOUD?

The MediaMath "re-tweet" of a recent DIGIDAY article (What's Microsoft's Ad-Tech Strategy?), I figured that may be just another 'nudge' being given to Microsoft, to get things moving along just that little bit faster than they appear to be doing so?


MediaMathAPAC MediaMath
What is @Microsoft ad tech strategy? Partnering with MediaMath @AppNexus and @Turn. (via @digiday)
The following is contained, within the linked article:

....."While Google has put a thousand engineers on this and focused a huge part of their business on winning the display business, Microsoft has twiddled their thumbs in the space," said Zach Coelius - CEO of independent demand -side-platform (DSP) Triggit. "They've called their tiny investment in a few startups a strategy. - They don't seem to understand that the RTB standard is setting the roadmap for the future of all digital advertising and that their refusal to engage with the space at scale is costing them big time." 

After reading the above (in the Carla Rover article) and then noting Triggit's own "tweet" promoting it (& there's more), armed with some (what I would call) 'friendly fire' I then asked Zac a kind of 'tongue in cheek' type question myself. (But as yet, I've not noted a reply from Zac)  :)
triggit Triggit
Triggit & @zachcoelius on why Microsoft needs to wake up & find an Ad:Tech Strategy -
Ross Bradley
Interconnector Ross Bradley
@triggit @zachcoelius Who keeps 'loading your gun' for you to 'fire', I wonder?  :)


Whether Google HAS put 'a thousand engineers' into it's own RTB strategy is debatable. - It's so hard to believe much of what Zach Coelius ("ALL Warfare is based on Deception") says, now-a-day. -

My 1st 'port of call' was @ where I then went straight to Microsoft's declared $50M series C investment, in AppNexus.

There IS no doubt that (Big-FOOT) Brian O'Keeley's AppNexus is likely THE (absolute) prime mover in the (global) 'push' for RTB functionality - with AppNexus being described as an enterprise-class “Infrastructure as a Service”, who've also partnered with Netezza  - - to offer its customers a data warehouse service within the cloud.

It would also that a leading Data provider BlueKai (BlueKai Selects Netezza) have also morphed into that (real-time reporting & analysis), Netezza "cloud'.

Netezza (now, an IBM Co - that I've long said before) ARE so impressive and they have hundreds of customers (more like 1300, now)  including, besides an ever evolving ecosystem of global partners, that include, Microsoft.

Did they say Up in the same 'cloud' where Netezza then performs complex queries against large volumes of stored data? - Shared data? (But, note there's no mention of a Google involvement, within the Netezza cloud)

It's also so interesting that Google and eBay had entered a multi year advertising agreement that involved Skype. This part of the deal would have immediately come to an end and following the Google deal expiry period, it's fair to then assume that this same kind of arrangement can be taken up again. (This time, with Microsoft).

Should this occur, eBay data could then (also) be included in the 'mix' of the (IBM's) Netezza 'cloud'. (I'm assuming that the above-mentioned, original Google-eBay deal is still in place. Netezza Video -

Already, eBay has entered the OPEN marketplace, through AppNexus.

[AppNexus/eBay -"the AppNexus platform provides single-point integration to the largest sources of inventory including the major inventory aggregators & ad exchanges like Google's DoubleClick & Microsoft's AdECN.-See AppNexus' Ad Platform]

Yes, that does say Microsfoft's AdECN. - I mean, did Microsoft really buy this 'state of the art' RTB marketplace to then, simply moth-ball it?

I've now taken you back to March 2010 with my 1st mention of AdECN (down the bottom of the instapost) where I noted (sic - as it was written -, that, with Microsoft's AdECN, you can:::

< ."Integrate data from Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing & Microsoft Adcenter - - - into one easy to use management and reporting tool designed specifically to save you money, while improving your firm's performance".>

That was clearly before Google probably then realised that AppNexus was just a little too close, to Microsoft  (in relation to any possible data leakage), I'd imagine? (And, Google may have even read of it 1st on this very instablog, here?)

So with the (March 31st) news that the Microsoft Advertising Exchange (that is now, 'officially' integrated with AppNexus' real-time bidding [RTB] platform) is 'open for business' - and that advertisers can get to buy online display ad impressions in real-time......UK & the Netherlands then quickly followed ...

But back to .. and Zach Coelius - the CEO of independent demand -side-platform (DSP) Triggit - a man who (I feel) 'handles the truth', rather carelessly.

(But, as Zac would tell you ..."ALL Warfare is based on Deception"), no?)  :)

On June 29th - Twitter

triggit Triggit by JonnyVick
Amazon chooses Triggit's DSP Technology.  Finally announced! We're looking forward to doing great things together.
So here we have Zac's own Co partnering with Amazon in the global marketplace (with Microsoft clearly playing a MAJOR role), and yet, in the (today's) DIGIDAY article, he is dissing Microsoft?

And that linked 'story' tells all, that ....

Amazon uses the detailed data it collects on its customers and visitors to create pools of potential marketing targets. Amazon tells Triggit to hunt down particular Web surfers after they’ve left the site, using tracking “cookies;” once the start-up finds them it purchases ad inventory those users are looking at. Amazon uses that ad space to serve up an ad for the marketer it’s working with and charges them for the impression. - This is a take on “retargeting” where advertisers trail Web surfers from site to site, and which has become standard issue for Web advertising

The big question (for Zach) now is, whose 'marketplace' is Triggit 'hunting down those web surfers (site to site) within? - In my post  [Amazon's display advertising team begin Re-Targeting, with Looksmart? - on Apr 11, 2011], I had even made the suggestion, that Amazon were possibly with Looksmart. -

Yet, the Amazon/Triggit partnership announcement came on June 28, 2011.

In a December, 2009 Adexchanger Q&A we are told that Triggit’s media partners include such companies as Google, OpenX, Admeld, Pubmatic, Adnexus and more.

In answering another:

Q? - How do you differentiate from other buying platforms in the space?

: Triggit has been building RTB technology since the space first went live with Adnexus and Pubmatic in December of 2008.

The technology stack required for individually pricing and bidding on billions of impressions a day is very challenging and different then anything the ad industry has done before

Q? - Are you buying from Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange? - Any early results you can share?

ZC: Yes. We have been live with RTB on the Google exchange since September. We were really lucky that the technology we built for bidding on Adnexus and Pubmatic was architected in such a way that it was pretty easy for us to integrate Google’s AdX. We are starting to see huge scale now, over 2 million bid requests per minute and growing amazingly fast. Google has built an excellent system and deserves a lot of credit for validating RTB as the standard for the next generation of media buying.

Note the three misspells of AppNexus in the above, that (to this day), have never been corrected by Triggit! (How sad)

Again, for a Co that has ten employees (at the time of that adexchanger, article), whose "marketplace" is it (I ask?) that allows Triggit's software, to enable Amazon to show the right ads to the right users across nine ad exchanges & more than four million websites, I wonder? -

Am I 'jumping the gun', a little?

There already exists a Microsoft - Criteo deal and Microsoft will also be using AppNexus for it's 'remnant' inventory - and Criteo ((like Looksmart), also have  a Facebook connection. [Via, Facebook Apps] - - UHMm? Amazons display advertising team can then (itself) possibly begin re-targeting, across the Looksmart marketplace? In a non 'cloud-based' network?

Based on......

LookSmart's Dr. Vincent Granville /AnalyticBridge: who is..

"Currently working on a Google keyword  price and volume forecaster with Dr. Jean-Yves Dexmier, the CEO of Looksmart and a member of the prestigious French group of mathematicians known as BourbakiDeveloping scoring algorithms that are 200 times faster than algorithms available in the marketplace (without using cloud).

[Q: Any success story you want to mention?

Detection of multiple Botnets generating more than $10 million yearly in fraud, resulting in developing sophisticated new rules involving association / collusion detection. Creation of a list of about 100,000 keywords representing 85% of the keyword pay-per-click commercial universe, in terms of Google advertising revenue. Currently working on a Google keyword price & volume forecaster. Developing scoring algorithms that are 200 times faster than algorithms available in the marketplace (without using cloud).]

Read the
success stories on our website"? - -

About that Data 'leakage' that become a problem at one stage, as noted here:

Google (Temporarily) Blocks AppNexus From Its Ad Exchange ...
30 Nov 2010 – There was a big shakeup in the online advertising world last weekend: Google cut off AppNexus from its ad exchange, forcing the startup to..

Google (and Yahoo) I feel, will be using Looksmart's independent AdCenter API technology more-so in the immediate future, to provide both access for & on behalf of it's advertisers (Invite Media) and publishers DFP/AdMeld ...That will provide a complete (global) OPEN marketplace, certainly for audience [re] targeting @ scale. Yahoo may yet dispose of it's RMX, to solve it's own problems? But in that regard,  I'm simply only guessing, on that. So..Is it Microsoft (or, Yahoo) that is actually ...."dragging the chain"?  -

Yes. it is both complex and so complicated in bringing 'heads' together.


 NICE Work

Always, only opinions or, thoughts expressed.


ps; A reminder from yesterday:

,"Anthony Katsur, whose experience ranges from VP of Engineering at DoubleClick to his most recent role at demand-side platform MediaMath where he spent two years as the company’s General Manager.

Today [ACCORDING TO], Anthony Katsur is announcing that he’s joining publisher optimization firm "Maxifier" .... where he will become the company’s COO.

Q? How about “the Google question?” ..........."Is Google going to overrun the sell‑side ad tech market at some point"?

A - "Google owns a channel. They own DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) – and sure, they can they make a run with DFP.

Is there hesitation in the market for Google to own the whole stack? Absolutely. Maxifier has customers that use DFP as well as other platforms now. There are multiple ad serving solutions out there. Yet, Google can only solve for DFP. Maxifier plugs into all the major pub side ad servers. So it doesn't matter what ad server you're using.

So, could Google make a run at it? - -They can. - - But I think the ecosystem, as a whole, both buyers and sellers, have concerns about having one company own an entire marketplace. I think people want options."

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