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Yahoo will buy ValueClick is how I'm seeing it ....

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With the road that Yahoo is now to run on, it would be foolish not to buy Value Click ...And they shouldn't waste any time in their doing so, I would imagine.

From my post over in OZ (on ShareCafe), comes the following from within CBS's Q2 Report ....

##...The initiative represents the latest consumer friendly technology to make content along with its advertising available across multiple platforms and be measured in a uniform way for clients"...# 

##...With greatly expanded reach and scale, our CBS Interactive segment plays a key part in these initiatives...##

##...Thanks in part to the addition of CNET, Interactive revenues have tripled over last year to $126 million in the second quarter...##  
##..Nearly all of our key sites, including CNET,, CBS and BNET grew monthly unique users by double-digits year over year in June and we continue to find effective ways to cross promote our premium online content. ."We are increasingly seeing advertisers buying across our interactive properties as well as across TV and online..## 

CBS has told us that it has increased it's audience and at the same time (read that last sentence above, again), it is increasing it's advertisers, too. They also advise that (for them), 'more platforms represent more ways for us to get our content to new audiences'.

But (with a known current weakness in display ads generally), they also say that ... 'getting sufficiently paid for delivering these audiences has been the challenge', is what CBS also told us.

So where is it all coming from?

Quite clearly it has a lot to do with that (above CBS's stated) 'expanded reach and scale' along with better Ads placements and on a (now), much more organised basis.

The proof of the enormous success ahead for a quickly forming OPEN (Global) Ad/Pubs marketplace was always going to be showing up (early) in the likes of ValueClick's "". (And a known Looksmart partner). It is one that I had waxed lyrically in my reporting in OZ (that at one stage), it had grown it's traffic by well over 800% ....

(Max Reach - Daily Chart, here :

So it's no surprise to read (from ValueClick's own Q2 Report) that it was through it's increase in it's display revenues, that their earnings had been boosted  ...

"Our U.S. display business had a record quarter in terms of revenue and number of both new and total advertisers", said ValueClick CEO Tom Vadnais. Display revenues rose 3 percent quarter-over-quarter to $32.4 million.

And since the MSN - Yahoo deal, it can only get stronger. This brief article makes that quite clear. Yahoo's CEO Carol Bartz spells it all out and she is well aware of the above facts, with CBS, VCLK and elsewhere .....

 <Yahoo Inc, which last week announced a Web search deal with Microsoft Corp, will invest money from reduced marketing and infrastructure costs into its display ad, content and mobile services technology..>

So there is every chance now (and a very strong, is my opinion) that Yahoo will be buying ValueClick. You can 'book-mark' this tip right now.

Looksmart's neutral "inter-connector" (and global management system in it's AdCenter) will be a strong beneficiary of all this ahead. - And THAT, you can also be assured of. It's only just begun for Looksmart, is how I'm seeing it all.

Disclosure: Happy to be long LOOK shares.