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More link juice? More sculpting? More pages? More linkbait? More PageRank? More SEO?

It's clearly way too complicated. Certainly for many busy small business operators. Spending the time to acquire the necessary expertise to become a success with their online approach - when reaching out to both new and old customers.

But it is often like a lot of stop-gap measures these days. If we are told 'it's good for us', we jump on board - only to then find out that it's a waste of time and fortune.

In his article (Am I KW Crazy, from SELand) the writer Conrad Saam (who claims he had previously grew a small business into a market leader in three years- without spending a dollar on advertising) talks of, what I feel, is purely waste of money. That's the costs that many businesses do incur when their keyword ranking slips on the leading search engines.

< More link juice! More sculpting! More pages! More linkbait! More PageRank! More SEO! >

To many unsolved (costly) questions?????

As 'time costs money' (it still does, doesn't it?) all of the above will provide ongoing headaches (and cost) for those that choose to continue down that road. - Stop-gap measures that can only result in recurring costs. Hey, that's money going out of any web based business and that's even before, traffic gets to arrive to their site!

Conrad talks of The Ubercompetitive Term.

He describes this as 'a phrase' that is winnable and that can deliver a significant volume of converting traffic – however you may define that conversion. - -But... are not big business (he examples a small travel business up against the likes of Expedia, Orbitz and TripAdvisor- who are), also aware of these same keyword terms?

So, wouldn't the old axiom of..."he who has the most marbles, wins', apply?

But I'm sure that there's now a way that a David (in Hipmunk, Conrad's exampled small business -a startup travel search site), can get to at least compete equally with those Goliaths in travel. And at a far less cost - plus that waste of time, than what is being suggested.

Simply by having a basic understanding of (both) 'self-serve' Ads and Retargeting, that exampled business (Hipmunk) can out-bid the biggest of them all in using any of those known "ubercompetitive terms" plus get to nominate specific geograpical areas they may wish to initially target. - All under the same terms offered to Agencies etc, where (with CPA/CPV), no costs is incurred unless an 'action' or, 'visit' is recorded to Hipmunk's own site! How can they do it? Because it is clear that it works, that's why.


<......the benefits of retargeted ads, comScore observed a 1000 percent greater boost in product search than that of a standard display ad. Further supporting the effectiveness of retargeting, eMarketer found a 726 percent lift in site visitation, and saw a boost in display ad response by 400 percent. >

Yes .... A cost-effective solution is upon us, and it is known as retargeting. Just how does the likes of an Adready/ (Microsoft/Google etc), get to offer such a 'no results/no cost' deal?

Well, they are ALL connected (directly or, indirectly - via redirections) into ONE huge and uniquely independent marketplace, where these very kind of fully automated RTB 'performance marketing' transactions are conducted. -

And it's the ONLY place of scale, where business of all shapes and sizes can get to equally compete with each other and on a chosen, 'impression by impression' basis.

In fact, it was the Vice President of Looksmart's Distribution Network who told all, that already ...... "we have about 3 billion queries per day ...... includes explicit search (search traffic), domains traffic, E Mail, 'in text' as well ..[and].. close to 4000 odd publishers...

THREE BILLION of those 'search terms' (off Google and Yahoo Search) coming from the very users, who can then be retargeted to any business' advantage. - With catchy ads then being served to those users across the entire publisher partner base within Looksmart's global marketplace.

But what happens when that traffic starts to arrive? (After quickly finding out the best "ubercompetitive terms" & most successful ad 'creative' to use?).

Hopefully you are prepared enough to enjoy the 'rewards' associated with this 'no brainer' means of getting quality 'in market' traffic, on equal terms with the bigger players.

In her excellent 2 part article on [in part one], the writer Joni Ngai does offer lots of 'easy to read and understand' advice to all who choose to freely learn, of her advice.

< I always say that engaging with the target audience on your website is like dating. It’s actually the analogy that my industry friends and I always use.

Online advertising is like flirting, being very attractive, going to places where you can meet your target audience and get them to click. When they come to your website, it means that they are interested, and you want to tell them how great your products and services are so that they will buy. This is dating.

........... Once your target audience purchases your products, they become your customers and this is the beginning of a real relationship. The goal is to develop a long-lasting strong relationship so that you can continue to sell more

On the question as to what is the ideal target audience for any business Joni makes the excellent point (in part two), that the people you meet at a bar are very different from the people you meet at your friend’s birthday party.Joni also makes the point, that:

< Your Website becomes a very important engagement platform with your target audience but most companies only care about the “clicks” and “impressions” and have very little understanding of how to build engagement on the website. Thus, a lot of good opportunities are missed.>

Only my own interpretation, as always.

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