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IBM set to Now Acquire MediaOcean?

Back on May 3rd, 2011 was when's John Ebbert (IBM Needs A Demand-Side Platform) had asked the following question: "Does anybody think a MediaBank or DDS would be an interesting target for IBM"?

Following the 'merge' news of these two [A Billion Dollar Threat To Google Is Born], it could now herald IBM coming in over the top and soon buy the newly formed, MediaOcean? (HMm? The video interview emphasises the $Billion tag now put on the Co, too!)

But I'm not so sure John Ebbert's earlier question (in his article), "Is a demand-side platform next for IBM?", would then apply. Becoming a part of MediaOcean, the MediaBank acquisition of, would likely fill any such need for IBM.

Make no mistake about 'Big Blue' becoming an even more serious a player in this incredibly disruptive world of advertising across all channels of media, that we are now quickly entering.

IBM is well aware of Google's success and is (no doubt) coming after GOOG. And the other news today that IBM are adding SaaS to Smarter Commerce partner opportunities‎ says a lot for 'unification' across a huge marketplace. With SaaS already having a strong 'foot-hold' from my little knowledge of it. -

It's interesting to compare the stock performance of these two "Jumbo" companies over the past 2 years. IBM (with a market cap of $212B) clearly over-shadows that of Google, with a market cap of $174B.....

IBM has always been on my own Radar here, too! -

An acquisition of MediaOcean would go a long way in assisting Big Blue to an eventual overpowering position, I feel.The report More Buys for IBM  says that IBM’s business analytics revenue grew more than 20% in the first half of 2011, a figure the firm says it should be able to maintain through 2015, reaching a total of around $16bn that year.

And IBM's recent acquisitions include both Netezza and Coremetrics, bearing in mind that Netezza 'powers' BOK's AppNexus and (as was discussed in my previous instapost -, Looksmart's newest Director in Scott Kauffman (himself) was the President and CEO of Coremetrics Inc., at the time.

Netezza -

Coremetrics -

Scott Kauffman -

Readers can rest assured that Scott Kauffman is most certainly NOT sitting on Looksmart's board or, buying LOOK shares (100,000 to date), simply for a 'fun thing' to do!

Looksmart (sitting on $26M in cash) closed today with a MC of just $23.85M

Only my own opinion expressed above, as always.


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Disclosure: Long LOOK, along with Scott Kauffman