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Does Content Even Matter or Will Advertising Take Over the World?

Does Content Even Matter or, Will Advertising Take Over the World?  - Is such a good topic chosen for discussion at the Business Insider sponsored, IGNITION 2011.

Most interest (I feel) will come from panelist Brian O'Kelley, the Co-founder & CEO of AppNexus. The answer to the burning question (As advertisers increasingly target individuals rather than content brands, will content buys be disenfranchised?) I'm sure, will leave no doubt in the minds of those who attend. -

In view of all thats been written on both AppNexus and Looksmart on this instablog, along with the distinctly clear advantages in targeting audiences/individuals as "users" within a specific or rather, across a total marketplace - makes any attempt at 'finding' similar suitable targets who may happen to relate to the context of a particular site, as redundent.