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Yahoo's Right Media Exchange Will be First to be SOLD?

That a better understanding of EXACTLY what Looksmart has to offer to the RTB ecosytem (and a need for the Co to clearly articulate such), surely needs no further explanation.

I do get the impression that the company is now being held back by a pending "break-up", of Yahoo!! (This - a selling off of Yahoo would now seem a forgone conclusion)

Yahoo is completely 'rudder-less' and has clearly been so for quite some time. Besides being slowly 'strangled', I feel. (Plainly outmaneuvered.)

Any 'sell-off' is going to be messy, to say the least. And it will take time.  -

Microsoft would no doubt have it's eye on the 'value' in both Yahoo's own properties/inventory - along with the billions of impressions attached to the strong YPN. (And wanting to 'adopt' the strong Yahoo Partner's Publisher Network)

Both Yahoo (Bing) and Google's (their 'user' search query data), are already known to being huge contributor's who are fundamental to or, the foundational basis of Looksmart's cost effective and more 'simplified' global performance marketplace. (That's surely clear?)

My feeling is, that until this Yahoo mess is resolved, we will be seeing a continuation of the ongoing "confusion" that's constantly being 'peddled' to both advertisers and publishers. - A prime example of this, can be seen here:

Until Microsoft throws it's full "supply side" into an OPEN marketplace (that can then include the newly acquired Yahoo/YPN inventory, 'in toto'), Looksmart 'ain't goin no-where', Folkz. (Both keeping their powder dry? - So, confusion reigns supreme.)

As a breaking-up begins, the (Yahoo) Right Media Exchange, that is clearly superfluous to either Yahoo or, Microsoft's needs - will be a "first" to face the chop, I'd say.

Just an opinion, as always.


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