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No One Can Scale To Beat Google?

No One Can Scale To Beat Google?

FairSearch sees things differently, of course. But it’s not until around page 14 that it really starts getting into the detailed accusations, I’d say. It starts out with this:

The inability of to survive in the search market underscores the role of scale as a barrier to entry in search. IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ:IAC) paid $1.85 billion to acquire the company in 2005, and thereafter invested heavily to transform into an algorithmic search engine competing in the same market as Google. Yet was never able to obtain the necessary scale to challenge Google, handling only about 4% of searches in the United States.

As Doug Leeds, President of explained when ended its search operation in November 2009, the company “did a great job of holding our market share but it wasn‟t enough to grow the way IAC had hoped we would grow when it bought us.”


Interesting article from Search Engine Land by owner Danny Sullivan. - it's surely not by any chance that, what search has now become (a duopoly that was inevitable - to simply 'create' the image of competition) was ever to be a doubt? 

IAC has done everything but appoint Bing for it's search... ala, Yahoo!  :)

Great song: Which side are you on?