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Has traffic through Looksmart's AdCenter suddenly trebbled?

|Includes: LookSmart Group, Inc. (LKST)

From my instablog Looksmart's MINUS $7M Enterprise Value ....  (and on today's close of $1.23 that EV's now almost minus $9M), comes the following quote from Looksmart's CEO Ted West .....

<"During the second quarter, the [AdCenter] platform had processed well over 1 billion search queries and delivered over 2.2 million paid clicks per day".>

Well, according to Alexa's traffic details from a few days back, the above numbers may well have just, suddenly trebbled .......

As it appears to me that is a kind of 'gateway' site to record traffic from Looksmart's AdCenter manager, to the UK's Mirago (, and that it is now a probable addition to what I believe is, a growing Global OPEN Marketplace for "secondary" Ad sales. 

Looksmart described themselves (in a most recent announcement) as a search advertising network and management company, and I'd say have just taken on board the "management" of all 'secondary' Ads served to global (or, "offshore" users to a 'stable' of European publisher sites. (And, vice-versa for their advertisers)

The need for an independent "inter-connector" has always been that it will provide that mandatory transparency and a "blind" effect in any OPEN auction process, for both (Global) advertisers and publishers and those representing them. Someone has to "manage" the mammoth scale of it all, right?

I had pointed out re: Publicis acquires Razorfish (1) that on a global publisher platform YieldBuild's website it tells it's potential publisher partners that it will give them ...... 

*30 day free trial - after that, 3% impression share (no payment or invoicing).

In a following post re: Yahoo wasting no time .... I then explained my reasoning behind the stated "no payment or invoicing" (by YieldBuild) and that this had to (could only) be all "managed", by an independent (Global) operator. One, that is representing or, working on behalf of both the YieldBuild's publisher platform  partners and Looksmart's own AdCenter (and private labeled), for both publishers and advertisers. 

I explained that I have no doubts whatsoever that this is Looksmart (and it's AdCenter) doing this Global management procedure.(And providing uniform analytics, etc, for all)

The images from Alexa in this post here re: Looksmart's TRAFFIC - Mirago (2) clearly show the 'spike' in traffic for both Looksmart and the EU's Mirago.

For Looksmart, this had the effect of more that trebbling it's traffic ......

Yesterday's ... Percent of global Internet users who visit

Yesterday 0.017%
7 day avg 0.0058%
1 month avg 0.00382%
3 month avg 0.0039% 

And the (day/night?) change in a, today's ....Percent of global Internet users

Percent of global Internet users who visit

Yesterday...... 0.0047%
7 day avg...... 0.0059%
1 month avg. 0.0039%
3 month avg. 0.0039%

That hugely increased traffic number (0.017%) is the highest (by far) that I have ever noted for the 'home' of Looksmart's AdCenter "management" site ..... In Q2, Looksmart had revenues of $13.2M, with the knowledge that.... 

<"During the second quarter, the [AdCenter] platform had processed well over 1 billion search queries and delivered over 2.2 million paid clicks per day".>

With the (now) possibility of more than "trebbling" that traffic through AdCenter, what does this tell us of Looksmart's future revenue potential?

And on today's close of $1.23pps Looksmart with a market Cap of just $21.06M, now has an Enterprse Value of ...... almost minus $9M ... Just how clever is the market and the couple of analysts covering this Co, really?

As always, only an opinion. Cheers!!

Disclosure: Long in LOOK shares.