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The Global ‘Occupy’ Movement is United by the Desire for Change.

It has been said that .......occupyacross the globe is a broad social movement that has many agendas and focus points-yet is a one (there's no doubt) movement, that is united by the desire for change.

Many demands have already been made from a good number of supporters within this movement, with mostly all (
arguably), having so much merit for such change. People coming from all 'walks of life' and political persuasions, demanding a stop to what has so clearly become a corrupted society.

Change doesn't happen (or, never has happened), 'over-night'. Often it's the long, drawn-out 'battles' that do acheive positive results.- It is a hope that many people would feel, that member 'occupations' around the world should always consider and be alligned with a one direction, being what (the core of)
Occupy Wall Street happen to be focusing on.

Collectively. (As one.)  .....With an 'across the world' adoption being so critical to an ultimate, permanent (or,definitive) 'change' in our society, becoming that reality.

Occupy Wall Street can/will be a major force to be reckoned with on Election Day 2012. - ]

It's clear that (already - as per the article), the inequality of the 1% & the 99% is an awareness point or, a main message that can be seen to have already resonated over in the US. -
It has been said, that:

Dragging the conversation onto the terrain of inequality is a major win for the 99 Percenters" -
Anthropologist Paul Jorion (himself) already feels that "The internet is direct democracy” -

Yet another great saying today and what (some may feel), is the truth of the occupy movement: "The revolution in media is a revolution in democracy because it levels the playing field for how people think"

The author of this phrase had already pointed out (in a thoughtful article), and has asked the question, that ........'
If activist media dominates this discourse then will we make the right decisions as a society, nation, or world'?- -

Already (according to a Pew poll) some 39% of people polled in the US support the OWS movement. That is significant. -

There is always a danger of alienating people in sending the wrong message out to the very people that "occupy" is reaching out to. Clearly (to date), the ongoing struggle (historically), has been well and truly fragmented by the many well-meaning  'singular' platforms that have dedicated followers expel their 'thought/s' on a better way, for the road ahead.

I would urge our 'Occupy Brisbane' Media Team to remain so passionate about this global movement. Certainly (and at all times-'when interacting with people'), and to be sure to stay firmly focused on the 'mainstream' direction that the smart "Occupy Wall Street" brains-trust can take us all.

Meaning, that there is the need to always have a far less concentration on or, emphasis of any of our (your) own personal beliefs of the many singular 'persuasions' that make up the core of the 'Occupy Brisbane', camped over here in Australia. Check out and find that OWS already have some meaningful plans ahead that can make a difference, as many may feel.


This peaceful 'occupy the world' movement is a collective of many and varied people representing the 99% including those from a wide range of political, activist areas. 

This global movement is non political, non religeous, non racial, not gender specific and is peaceful movement. - People from all walks of life all coming together with a one aim - being united by the desire for that much needed change. 

Always an opinion.

Ross Bradley

ps; From Twitter just now:

scotsbob Bob Findlay
@Interconnector It's a shame that some other countries don't 'occupy' the way that Wall St. has. It wasn't designed to be violent.

pps; Those Facebook Filters. (Filters?)

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