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The GFC was very Gentle to Australia. WTF??

< the GFC was very gentle to Australia >

Are the words of a fellow "occupy" supporter, posted in a private discussion group.

I then replied, as follows:

Markets are made up of a buyer and seller for every transaction. The "value" of a trade-able commodity/shares etc, is purely based on what someone is prepared to sell a 'unit' for or, what another is prepared to pay for such. Value is perceived either way.

Be you a buyer or, a seller. Consequently, markets will rise or, fall under pressure that's based around that basic principle. So, with more buyers than sellers will see a rise & with more sellers, prices will fall.

My brother (upon reaching his well-earned retirement), told me of his having some $1.2M in his "Super".....

A few weeks later (post the GFC), he advised that the 'value' of his 'holdings' was down to circa, $0.62M .... He had "lost" almost half his 'worth', following the 'crash'.

Australian Superannuation is known to be invested in the ASX and on other world markets.

The practice of "naked short selling" (where organised crime can sell stocks in all markets, when NOT in possession of any script or, holdings, in the Co they are selling), legally permits sellers to "sell down" a price so quickly (remembering - there's a buyer for every seller), then simply "cover" all shares in their stocks sold (buy them back), when it reaches what becomes a "bottom", of each individual Co being manipulated.

When is that determined? It;s simple.. It's when sellers 'dry up'. An example on the Nasdaq Exchange overnight?

With an "average" number of daily trades (over a three month period), of as few as circa 26,000 ...This company "traded" just 200 shares. In fact, this represents just 100 recorded to both 'open and close' the 'market (by 'market makers', appointed to the Co to so-call 'create' a market), so ZERO shares were bought or, sold. (Was there a market maker's Golf day, perhaps?)

Volume: 200
Avg Vol (3m): 25,996

So, after some 5 or, more years of "selling down" of the above Co's shares (with mostly accumulators, being the only buyers), they now take it "up" and (in time), get to sell to (unfortunate) other buyers. A new 'cycle' then begins. With people buying - who are motivated mostly by 'spin type articles' that are being spun to them daily, by those very same accumulators along with the "greed" that is also associated with a rising share-price 'value', as is 'sold' to them.

Does the Australian Housing market (peaks and troughs) mean anything yo you? Who does make most loans, in this market? - Who profits on interest from those loans. ...... Who does most of the buying, helped by the Banks (with 'interest' to be paid, of course) and thus providing them with even MORE money making 'fractional banking' (FIAT) capabilities? Ordinary people - The 99%. Yes, "cycles"?

Are "bells" in your mind beginning to "ring" yet?

....You see, my brother's "super" was given a $600,000 'hair-cut" (in cash taken out- as a result of 'naked selling' - - -fully assisted by stories within MSM-mainstream media) of the (so called) "GFC", and some people want to say that "the GFC was very gentle to Australia"??

An opinion, as always.


No mention of 'naked short selling' in this article yet it makes it pretty clear enough of what effect this has on a marketplace, back in March, 2008...

"At the same time, there is no doubt that one the big forces driving down bank has been Australia's dumb superannuation and index fund managers lending their clients' scrip to shorters.

Those advocating shorting say that it helps create rallies in the market – like we are seeing in New York and in Australian banks. A danger is that the shorters and their silent partners, the Australian superannuation and index fund managers, may be just stupid enough to try and create a run on a bank unless the ASX gets serious over scrip lending."

The ASX (who gets to "regulate" it's own market) is also a listed company with it's original shareholders of (I believe - 25 brokers 'chucking in some $25,000 each), effectively meaning, that it is 'wearing two caps'.

Brokers (using "cross trades" - buying and selling to themselves - Market maker-like trades) can still get to move prices up or, down - almost as they please.

So ...... Was Superannuation used as the GFC bailout fund in Australia? (The question as posed, to start thr thread)


Or, was it used (is it still able to be used?) simply to fill the pockets of some GREEDY Brokers & silent partners, the Australian superannuation & index fund managers - all having that 1% mentality, to then so easily ROB (hood-wink), the 99%?

For those reading this thread, it may just be of interest to you to know - - - that the ASX (on Friday's close), is valued by their own market they regulate, as being 'worth' a cool $5.28 Billion! (Nice?)

Disclosure: Long LOOK