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My 2012 Prediction - FACEBOOK is Moving to Canada!

Looksmart now have a 'base' in Kitchener, Canada -

In fact, the Kitchener - Waterloo area is becoming so "hot" these days:

Even Facebook itself (no surprise), is *actually* moving to Kitchener.

(AIM Environmental Group-responsible for demolition & environmental abatement of Facebook’s new offices in Kitchener. -

My DG mentions on Yahoo's LOOK board -,featuring Looksmart's largest shareholder in Kevin C. Howe (Read here, of his Full Background -, who had also served as a Director of DG Fast Channel since February 2001 until November 1, 2011.

Kevin C. Howe
Former Non-Executive Director
[Note: Former CEO and President (of Looksmart - and, was a foundation IAB Board member) Ted West had (also) once served as a director for Memetrics (who're a global provider of testing and optimization solutions for marketers and located in San Francisco), from January 2006 until the company was (then) sold to Accenture in January 2008
<.........January 2008: Looksmart's ex. CEO Ted West [shown in the Link as the Sage partner's Managing Director, San Francisco] and within the leadership team, were proud to announce the company’s acquisition by Accenture, LLP. - Yes, Memetrics.> - & surprise, surprise, is no longer available there! Ha!]

Will DG buy Looksmart's Kitchener, Canada Operations?

The evidence surrounding DG and (any such buying of) the Looksmart's Kitchener, Canada Operations is so compelling, I feel. Hopefully (similar to DG's $34 million 'ad unit' buy of PTSX - see below) & leaving Looksmart's (then) independent global marketplace to continue to trade as LOOK & always referred to as being so. (Or, "Old Looksmart")

Now check the number of mentions that I've made (link, below), on just one of DG's most recent acquisitions, of which include MIJO, Treehouse, EyeWonder and MediaMind.

MIJO is (also) located in Toronto - -

Elusio Barbarossa - it's a pseudonym (who is an M&A consultant), has written a great analysis @ SeekingAlpha on DG - and mentions that the Principals of MIJO (who have joined DG upon the merger, and who run the Canadian division), have built a strong company in Canada.

DG has also bought Point.360's ad distribution operations for about $34 million in cash and stock. [DG FastChannel to buy Point.360 ad unit]

It's clear that the "ad unit" was the center of attention. - Here's an interesting recent post from Yahoo Finance's PTSX (the "Old Point.360") board:

DG Fastchannel, Blockbuster and PTSX

My Facebook (head-line) move was hardly a prediction, I guess?

Yet (I feel), that 2012 will (indeed) be an interesting year for LOOK shareholders. - That includes the much celebrated Kevin C. Howe.-Then again, there's always others like Facebook, Newscorp, MDC Partners , etc..who'd be only to willing to want a part of that 'unique' performance marketplace that will take 'shape', in 2012.

(Much similar to Microsofts' own $50M involvement with AppNexus, is what I'm suggesting - - with the making of a 'one-off' cash dividend to shareholders? Maybe, perhaps [ by now?], there's the real chance that Looksmart have already paid it's dues?)

Always, only an opinion.

LOOK: $1.29  Down 0.0840 (-6.11%)  -


ps; Added Jan, 12th 2012 - Accenture Interactive’s View On Advertising ...And... The CMO ..... With Global MD Hartman

Disclosure: Long LOOK