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Quality QPS in a Performance+ Marketplace?

MERRY Xmas and I've no doubt 2012 should be a Happy New Year for shareholders in LOOK.

#..  ....."We’ve recognized in 2011 that the intersection of search and display is profitable, but there is a need for a higher level of strategic communication and interdependence between the two functions."..#

More, along those above lines.

< Along Came QPS

Exchanges and real-time bidding (RTB) grew because big brands want quality at scale.  - - Along the way, exchanges and the ad buyers wading through them (DSPs and agency trading desks) needed to make sense of the inventory.>

Quality QPS being sold (Queries per second - relating to RTB and @ scale), is well within 'reach' of Looksmart's independent marketplace. And what a nice 'add-on' to the existing performance marketplace offerings - that will prove oh so popular, in 2012.

Looksmart have the (exclusive) opportunity to have 'two bites at the cherry', I believe.

< Fundamentally, the industry needs a new yardstick to qualify data behind impressions. It needs a true QPS metric, or biddable QPS -- inventory that advertisers actually want.

The ‘Q’ needs to stand for quality, where ad buyers should be able to measure more than throughput. Instead of wading through the glut of inventory in exchanges, why not narrow it down to the pool of inventory with quality behind it -- -- above the fold, brand-safe, name-brand publisher, etc.?

< True QPS enables publishers to set inventory quality standards that matter to them and sell impressions without worrying what ads may come their way, or what they are giving away to an open market.>

LOOK: 3:54PM EST: $1.24  Down 0.02 (-1.59%)

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ps; Re: Quality QPS in a Performance+ Marketplace?

pps; Great video here where Terry Kawaja gives a talk, entitled: The Art of the Exit; Top 10 Considerations for How to be Bought, Not Sold.

bmorrissey Brian Morrissey
. @tkawaja charted the holiday ecosystem. massive consolidation ahead. candy cane as a standalone category?

Disclosure: Long LOOK & looking forward to 2012 and the future ahead.