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Targeting (Keyword) User 'Search Intent' - More Efficient and far Less Costly

Keenly contested bidding results in higher CPC payments being made (along with lower 'middle-man' charges), and can only mean better ROI for both publishers and advertisers.

Publishers who get to provide their inventory within the Looksmart marketplace will (I believe in 2012), finally begin to enjoy such well deserved (much better) payments being made for both their eCPMs shown or, CPA/CPV clicks had on Ads, that they sell.

Rather than contextual based type Ads being displayed (in a 'lucky dip'?), many users can soon be immediately followed (those being targeted or, re-targeted) right across the Looksmart publisher marketplace purely based on his/her recent keyword search terms had, that relate to what that user's intent may be (or, his/her interest is) about.

What are the search terms - the queries that users (the buyers of goods & services) are more commonly typing into Search Engines, when they are or, may be interested in or, those wanting to buy from businesses or, to engage a service, around the world?

If advertisers, big global brands and the many agencies representing those same big brands - if all businesses knew this and could 'follow' those same users (immediately) across the web, and by targeting them with Ads that are of interest to those users, life would suddenly become so much easier for both buyers (users) and sellers. No?

Certainly if and when they (and, even small business) can get to advertise right down to an IP address (in parts of the world) that's "local" to a user - yes, those individuals who are making that particular search query.

"it's's behond search and attribution............. [it's] how can we follow keyword search intent.... "we are touching these users through search queries, a good indication of intent can we follow these users"?

He says he's "dealing with the publishers" get 'that good traffic'.. it's complex... [the need to go to] .. "where the eye-balls are"... "how do we follow those guys, the users".."we are looking at the IP...the individual user".

This advice was from within a Webmaster Radio interview...where the Looksmart VP Benoit Vatere tells of the Co's involvement with both Google & Yahoo. -

"we have about 3 billion queries per day ...... includes explicit search (search traffic), domains traffic, E Mail, 'in text' as well ... close to 4000 odd publishers... focusing on's a really good network..... I was surprised when I joined the breath of the network"

And, it was ....

Back in March 2011 when I'd noted (in an article that he had written on his own site: where Looksmart's Chief Scientist - Dr. Vincent Granville had said he was:

"Currently working on a Google keyword price/volume forecaster with Dr. Jean-Yves Dexmier, CEO of Looksmart [& who's also] a member of the prestigious French group of mathematicians, known as Bourbaki. [In the article he says that, together they were now] developing scoring algorithms that are 200 times faster than algorithms available in the marketplace. (Without using cloud)."

Success Story: (Dr. Vincent Granville - Read, Success Stories on his website")

........."I've finished creating the list of all top commercial keywords that account for 85% of Google pay-per-click advertising revenue."

(Yes...."the Creation of a list of about 100,000 keywords representing 85% of the keyword pay-per-click commercial universe, in terms of Google advertising revenue.")

2012 sure looks like being the start of something big for Looksmart and it's patient shareholders. Certainly when considering that Looksmart has the only (exclusive) marketplace that can soon offer such performance marketing on a global scale basis.

Global Scale ?

"Through the AdCenter platform, LookSmart's distribution partners are able to monetize their international search queries and advertisers are able to target down to the city-level in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom." Said Ted West, former CEO and President of Looksmart, at the time.

........"Our publishers & search advertisers trust LookSmart to offer growth opportunities like internationalization through our proven, independent ad serving platform."

LOOK: Dec 30: $1.29 Up 0.09 (+7.50%)

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