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The AOL/MSN/Yahoo Secondary Premium Conglomerate? Here's what Happens Next

The following two comments have recently been put to me and (for a while), they had me re-thinking my own line of thought as to what lies ahead. (Or, what should, I feel)

"This stuff about search intent is marketing speak. I just don't buy it. .... LOOK was making it's money sending run of network traffic that had very very little in the way of search intent."

And........."Do I think Facebook would be interested in any part of their [Looksmart's] business? Really can't see it to be honest."

In reading this excellent blog (X+1 -2012 DSP Sector Predictions!) just today, I feel there's a mention or, two had within, that relate to both the above points that have been made to me.

For it's all to do with Data and individual user (audience) targeting, I feel.

In his point #3  Eric Simon, VP of Media, [x+1] even goes as far as suggesting that Yahoo (itself) have 'gone to sleep' on a more efficient means of reaching 'in market' users or, audiences-when he suggests:

"Were members of the Yahoo exec team sleeping during the audience buying shift over the past two years?  Or maybe they don't care and have simply had enough and are suffering from post-traumatic cookie abuse syndrome.  - Either way, DSPs, ATDs and marketers in general are not looking to buy Yahoo-specific content as much anymore; they are simply looking for users and audiences."

1stly, can I make the point that "search intent" targeting no doubt (Looksmart have said that they are now 'soley' a performance based marketplace), will work far better when it can be based on scale.

ROI-wise, advertisers, whilst paying higher per-click costs do get 'more bang for their buys' (with only 20% or, less in engagement fees), in their use of Looksmart's 'no frills' (& uncomplicated) CPA/CPV solution that's fully based on known, user 'search intent'. (Yes.'Real time' keywords and or, keyword phrases type Data that's being exclusively passed on to Looksmart analytics from SE's that include both Yahoo and Google.)

I believe that it will become almost predominantly (as it is much more fairer), publisher orientated. Chosen publishers will embrace it in time, I feel. (Considering, that an estimate of around 80% of any recorded click $$ value is then going on or, returns through to the publisher's end.)

Alexa Traffic -

So the question becomes (if it's good enough for Google's huge publisher base and, likely - Facebook), why won't it work well for, the:

#4) The AOL/MSN/Yahoo Secondary Premium Conglomerate ?

Together they can/will help provide the (much needed) bulk of such type impression's availability, from across their (plus those previously above-mentioned), extensive 'user base'.

Yes. A 'one' performance marketplace for all their advertisers to reach targeted users, across both their own (owned and, operated) and all their (when combined), publisher partner's inventory.

With each other's (plus 'in house' big brands/agencies) advertisers then able to reach any/all their targeted users within a ONE (Looksmart's independent) marketplace. With strong competition had among all assured, only resulting in far better returns for each of their own individual (and so critical as a) separate publisher, involvement.

Further on #4) ...Where Eric Simon predicts 'doom and gloom' (for AOL/MSN/Yahoo) and the question is asked:

"Why will it fail? Just ask any sales rep from any of the three organizations if they are willing to cede exclusive relationships in the name of efficiency.  .........And while you're at it, ask someone at any of these organizations who is going to provide the technology platform [that is, a/that required independent interoperability for] this, for the proposed venture. [?] ...... If they tell you it will be a combination of Yahoo's Right Media Exchange & AppNexus, then you know for sure it will never launch."

Whilst I have previously stated Looksmart's (advertiser/publisher) API is not a DSP (As such - nor, is it a SSP). - - for it is, when combined with that relevant 'search intent' Data, the absolute optimal means of 'applying a uniform technology solution to or, for solving (advertiser & publisher) problems and that is what makes this exclusive 'end to end' Looksmart independent (search intent based) marketplace so special.

[This terrific blog post noted that .....The Forrester Wave™ in 4Q 2011 gave the market insights into which companies that own a DSP have data management capabilities.]

Finally, Facebook? (And it's buying a part of the Looksmart business?).

Won't Facebook be requiring its very own pathway or, an access for it's advertisers into this (my own, much talked of global) OPEN performance marketplace, is the question?

Since my noting a Facebook move to Kitchener Canada (Looksmart have also opened up 'shop' there), the 'Guru of search' (John Battelle) has come out with his own new year's predictions that include the market seeing in 2012 ....... "Facebook announcing and launching a web-wide advertising network along the lines of Google’s AdSense."

Facebook is Moving to Kitchener, Canada

(AIM Environmental Group-responsible for demolition & environmental abatement of Facebook’s new offices in Kitchener. -

Always, only an opinion.

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ps; Data and "reach":

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The AOL/MSN/Yahoo Conglomerate, what will happen next?

Re: That Growth... (User Intent)

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