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OpenRTB member DataXu Gains access to the Looksmart Performance Marketplace?

[The] "OpenRTB’s mission is to create open standards. We kept the initial group small to ensure we were able to get version 1.0 out quickly. Now that version 1.0 is out, we are fully expecting companies large and small to join and contribute their ideas. There will be exponential benefits as more companies join." - The "OpenRTB"

From a Dec, 2010 post (on Yahoo Finance) in which I had 'speculated', as per usual.

I mused: #.Looksmart will get to "inter-operate" within the secondary marketplace, is my reckoning.

And DataXu (to me), is "fronting" for Microsoft (under licence I would imagine), to "manage" the (version 1.0?), premium marketplace. (But that's all, just my initial reckoning)

The linked article was about the "OpenRTB", where a group of buy- and sell-side companies had announced that they had come together to form a new, open standard for online buying

(Read the linked

Initial Co's included AdMeld, PubMatic, Rubicon Project, MediaMath, Turn and DataXu. ("The emergence of a single standard around how both DSPs and RTBs communicate in the ad-buying process underscores the fact that more and more publishers and ad buyers are transacting on these platforms.")

I'd even stated (far back then), that DataXu (to me), is possibly "fronting" for Microsoft (under licence I would imagine), to "manage" the (version 1.0? - what I termed as, this), premium marketplace. (But I'd added the proviso that it's all, just my initial reckoning)

Things are clearer now.

So it's an OPEN marketplace that buys and sells impressions (within the marketplace), on an eCPM basis. (By the 1000 impressions) - A role that I had always imagined, that Looksmart were destined to fill. (Happy though, that the performance marketplace will have a lot less 'baggage', if any.)

DataXu (always 'a favourite son') has just recently announced that it has now acquired Europe’s leading DSP platform Mexad. And they exude excitement. (Mexad is said to have coverage across 60+ countries, with leading market share in Europe and Latin America, and superior local expertise in key markets.)

On Mar 29, 2011 (here on my blog) the question was seriously asked as to just who is this 'upstart', called Mexad. (Small world, ain't it?)

< And in terms of Looksmart (and my hope for it's 'interoperability' role), does the likes of a "Mexad" bring us any closer, I wonder?

Looksmart do License (and or, allow publishers to private-label or, "rebrand"), it's technology to both advertisers and publishers and the focus on performance based advertising is now paramount, we're told by Mexad

[Mexad Enabling Ad Exchange Buying]

The daily 'developments' are amazing, is the least I will say. And that DataXu (at least) have now (officially) gained its own access to the Looksmart performance marketplace.

Is only just my own opinion, of course.


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so...