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"How We as Marketers should be Tracking an Impression..."

Christopher Heine (a staff writer for ClickZ News) today briefly commented on some comScore research (based on campaigns by a dozen major brands), that some 31% of Display Ads go unseen. - In the Report, comScore are said to have looked at 3,000 ad placements by the brands, as well as some 381,000 site domains and 1.7 billion ad impressions.

....... "The display advertising market today is characterized by an overabundance of inventory, often residing on parts of a web page [where Ads can appear below the fold] that are never viewed by the user," said Magid Abraham, comScore CEO, in a prepared statement.

.....Ads that are being classified as "in view", Geo-targeting (itself), with impressions landing in the wrong markets & that ads were served where the brand's product wasn't available, are other problems discovered. And the most controversial finding (many may consider), is that 72 percent of the campaigns tested ran at least some ads next to content deemed, as being "not brand safe" by the advertisers.

The Solution/s?

Darren Herman (About Me) in his excellent blog, has offered part of the answer with his advice that there's "New measurement of advertising impressions that are helping drive performance for marketers"

The full Story: "Marketing Wednesdays: Display Impressions"

He also makes what I feel should be 'common sense' to all with his comment, that:

  "I personally and professionally believe that it’s not about the impressions, but about the engagements. ..  Engagements can be quantified many different ways (thru sales to interactions) but just impressions alone is not a basis for marketing working or not."

Darren then tells of ..."how we as marketers should be tracking an impression."

< "As you have viewed on many websites during your normal course of web surfing, banners and ad units are all over a respective page and sometimes, you cannot even see the units as they might be below the fold.  Generally** as long as the web page and assets load (tags fire), then the advertising units on the page log impressions, regardless if the user scrolls over them or engages.

Sounds weird, right? An advertiser pays for impressions without confirmation that the user has at least had the ability to see the advertisement.">

Good News!

< Today [Darren has written] marks a big day for the digital media community because comScore released the vCE, which is what they are touting as “campaign essentials” and it’s built on a product they created and merged with AdXpose called the vGRP to validate the impressions served and displayed by publishers.>

Darren also advises the good news, that [for brand building - eCPM type impressions] "MOAT are building a brand analytics dashboard which help marketers understand how many people are hovering over their display advertisements."

Both, progress in the right direction, no doubt.

So, what if marketers were then able to bid on guaranteed (measurable) 'above the fold' highly targetable impressions, that they are only paying for if/when a targeted user clicks on their Ads? - Impressions (soley based on Search Intent, that they can always be assured, of their (real-time) relevant message reaching the (a selected) 'target' on a 'one on one' basis. - No matter where that individual user lands, within a specific (trusted) marketplace? This effectively means (in understanding these 'one on one' type exposures) that any "not brand safe" content will always (forever) become a non-issue. For It's your Ad (only) being shown to your target (yes, it's 'between the user & the gatepost'), wherever that user appears next, across the web. (Or, rather - to the extent of the number of publishers, as are contained within that specific marketplace.)

Many advertisers and publishers across the web will (I'm sure) quickly embrace the scale that's soon to be on offer. As "Targeting (Keyword) User 'Search Intent' - will prove More Efficient and far Less Costly" and (with the internationalisation of advertisers being matched with users upon whatever available content she/he may visit across the marketplace) is yet another step towards progress that will benefit all - progress that can provide much improved Ad relevancy, that will certainly get to then  include those prized targeted users. -

All,  just another personal opinion, as expressed.

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ps; A great read:

The Role Of Real-Time Bidding For Marketers

"RTB-enabled mobile and video inventory are already scaling fast, social and potentially search are but a small step away & it’s not hard to imagine our primetime commercial breaks being traded through RTB at the level of individual household in the not too distant future."

UHMm? -

  • Place your video on thousands of leading websites globally.
  • Reach millions of unique users every month.

And... -

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Understanding Keywords In Search Retargeting

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