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Google: "One driver of Display Growth was marketer interest in Audience Buying"

As pointed out by both TechCrunch and AdAge (that for Google), Display Advertising Is now a $5 Billion Business. - The news is that Google’s display advertising business is at an “annualized run rate of $5 billion.”

AdAge [] tells us that from today's Google Report there's the clear message that 'the world's biggest search engine became less dependent on search advertising alone.'

AdAge says 'Google's display revenue, including network ads and YouTube, has become a $5 billion annualized business, according to CEO Larry Page. That means it's doubled in size since October 2010, when Google said display had become a $2.5 billion business.'

Google (with it's 'end to end' solution) has really 'stolen a march' on many within the RTB world, as it currently exists. - This has clearly been the case as is shown by the increase in it's display ad revenues.

Indeed, Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch) asks the question How fast is display growing for Google? And he also points out, that In the third quarter of 2010, or five quarters ago, it reported a $2.5 billion run rate for display ad revenues. - It has doubled (says Erick), in a little more than a year.

In my previous instapost the following point was made, that:

Many advertisers and publishers across the web will (I'm sure) quickly embrace the scale that's soon to be on offer. Why? Because "Targeting (Keyword) User 'Search Intent' - will prove More Efficient and far Less Costly" and that (with the internationalisation of advertisers being matched with users - upon whatever available content she/he may visit across the marketplace), is yet another step towards progress that will benefit all.

The (Jan.1st) Story, as to why this will be so: -

Looksmart has been slowly but surely building (bringing together) it's own (unique) audience targeting marketplace that has been strongly dominated by Google, in these very early days of marketers finding users (audiences) based on user intent data. - As is (exclusively) being used in locating individuals across the Co's ever increasing publisher base.

AdAge mentions that Google's share of U.S. display ad revenues grew to 9.3% in 2011, according to an estimate from eMarketer, up from 8.6% in 2010. - Just how much an effect Google's increased revenue has on Looksmart's Q4/2011 ((if any - and reported as being, Comprehensive Income?) revenues, will basically depend on the extent of any 'audience buying' that may well have been conducted through (or, meaning, across) it's marketplace, within the Q4 period.


Remembering that
.... (According to Looksmart)

"LookSmart operates in a large online search advertising ecosystem serving ads that target user queries on partner sites."

Is this a likely Clue?

(As per the AdAge article) ...... 'Google reported its DoubleClick ad exchange had experienced 130% growth in year-over-year spending. One driver of display growth was marketer interest in audience buying for specific categories, such as hybrid-car buyers or adventure travelers, which the technology now can target, according to Google's SVP-Advertising Susan Wojcicki.'

Looksmart have previously told the market (CC, following Q3) of the company now (soley) operating as a CPA/CPV performance based marketplace.

The (Alexa) 'ins and outs' of show near on 25%, in Google traffic.

Upstream Sites

Which sites did users visit immediately preceding

% of Unique Visits Upstream Site

Downstream Sites

Where do visitors go after leaving

% of Unique Visits Downstream Site

Google's own TAC has increased by 10.86% Q/Q. (By, $240 million). Google's TAC is an indicator as to how much of Google's revenues is shared with Google's partners.

TAC - Traffic acquisition costs, the portion of revenues shared with Google’s partners, increased to $2.45 billion in the fourth quarter of 2011

TAC - Traffic acquisition costs, the portion of revenues shared with Google’s partners, increased to $2.21 billion in the third quarter of 2011

Google's earnings:

Looksmart is said to report (it's Q4 numbers) on February, 6th. - The share-price has quietly risen on low volume from an intraday trading 'low' of $1.19cps (on Dec 30, 2011) to close @ $1.50pps, yesterday. A rise of some 26% over that 13 day period.

Always, only just an opinion expressed.

LOOK: $1.50 Up 0.04 (+2.74%) Jan 19, 3:59PM EST


ps:  Hold On to Customers Through Retargeting January 20th 2012

"Search, which represents the highest level of intent data, helps e-commerce marketers truly identify in-market customers based on behavior. When you combine the power of search data with display advertising, you’re able to deliver highly relevant content to in-market customers that have already raised their hands within the search engine. This, put simply, is search retargeting. With search retargeting, brands can find the user again, beyond the search engine, with graphical ads."

pps; Online Ads Will Waste $12.4 Billion...

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