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A World Without MONEY - Ever Thought About It? (Part A)

In a world without MONEY (and thus, no corporations and governments, all paper work, etc), we'd have no parking problems.

Because half the buildings (or, more) in every city in the world, would be empty. They could be then used for housing people in, one, and two bedroom units.

There'd only be the one law. Sorry there's 10 of them, actually.

Now that's an idea worth chewing on.

Q - "would it not make people lazy and not want to work?"

If you are not trading (and, working for your) "value", you will then starve to death. Does food just fall on your plate?

Digital credits/debits. The banks do that for us now. They charge us for it though. We, let them.

Q - "if items are for free, or will items be only exchange of goods?"

Who makes those items, you want for free? How do they exchange "credits" for items of food, they have to purchase? If they have no credits themselves, to buy food with?

We all work for digital credits. We pay each other in credits, debited from our own digital account. If we don't have credits to exchange for food (for starters), we starve to death.

We learn to understand this (quickly), or, we starve to death...

All deals (transactions) are "one on one". Digitally recorded (all, totally transparent) for all to see. To get to know what an item is selling for. It's a market price based on supply and demand.

We "negotiate" for the "value" we can offer a business, run by those people working in, the business.

No one "profits" from a business. No one gets loans. No one pays taxes, rates (land is free), regos, licenses FINES, etc...

Society becomes 'self regulating' from the mistakes we have made. If you are "worth" your salt, you are in a position to negotiate more digital credits, for the "value" you are presenting.

Q - What if electrical grids go down? EMP attacks? EMP fries the grids?

What happens if they go down now? The same "workers" will repair them. It's just that they'll be "paid" in digital credits, now.

All we need to do (for a better future) is to destroy MONEY and, all the corporations in our world.

The resources (established infrastructure and all that is in the ground), is then returned to the people of the world. To share, equally. Provided we "work" together and for and or, with each other, we won't starve.

Those that don't want to work, will starve. Those that want to break those 10 "rules" will find themselves imprisoned by, the society they were once a part of.

Imagine only 10 "laws"? Across the entire world?

All those who can't work will be supported by the wealth contained within, the resources in the ground. Traded for credits, all over the world.

We have the technology, the raw materials, the knowledge and the means (now), to achieve this reachable, idealistic reality.

All, FREE at last.

Q - What about elderly. Disabled?

All those who can't work will be supported by the wealth contained within, the resources in the ground. [That are] Traded for credits, all over the world.

For "exchanging" to meet the 'supply and demand', including here in our local market, too.

That's what is happening now. ALL those corporations (that with no money, are destroyed), will see the resource and technology driving them - returned to, the people.

It will hurt the 1% (of people) yet it will help, the 99%... of us people.

It becomes, equal to all.

We (as people), will eliminate GREED, forever...

There will be no borders. People can travel all over the world, for the cost of the credits, as required. Be sure you can 'exist' when you get there. Or, starve.

Continued in Part B