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The Difference Between 'Search' Retargeting And 'Site' Retargeting?

Over at Adotas,Tony Salyer of FetchBack explains the risks of having a targeted ad land on a page next to content the advertiser would want to avoid.

Case in point: This past fall, FetchBack ran a campaign for a major airline -- right around the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Read how they handled it...

In relation to Looksmart's own unique CPA/CPV marketplace, my answer on Facebook came as follows:


With CPA type (user/audience) 'targeting' it would surely be in the interest of all publishers (who are using such a system), to then, always ensure much 'talked of' bad page placements are avoided at all times by ensuring 'above the fold' spot availabilty. Arguably, this could then be said to help reduce 'ad blindness', to some degree.

Publishers may not get a payment (?) that results from a no 'click-through' (if that is so), is what I imagine? (But may well be then paid a standard eCPM rate?)

Wouldn't this then be the case for keyword type 'search' retarget-ing? Where users are followed based on recent ('user intent') search data?

In such cases, brand safe content becomes a 'no concern' as it's then, only a matter of always being a 'one on one' between the ad exposure presented to the user and that brand or, ad target-er. (The marketer)

No matter what type of content (or, landing page) such users can be found on?

This, thereby eliminates the issue of any inappropriate content?

(Can there then ever be such a case as having an 'in market'/user, targeted on what is normally considered, inappropriate content?)

So.. What is the difference between 'search' retargeting and 'site' retargeting?

It's said (in this linked answer) Google offer true "search retargeting".

Where you can show your ad to users who have searched for your product/service or, similar, but have not necessarily clicked through to your own site, during that search made.[By the targeting of such users on/across content within the 'neutral' Looksmart marketplace.Based on that prized 'user intent']

The mention made of Google's true "search retargeting" is almost 'on the money' and relates to it being part of the Looksmart marketplace.

Bearing in mind that Looksmart receive some 3 billion pieces of 'search intent' data from search engines daily. (Incuding Google, Yahoo/Bing)

Yes.."how do we follow those guys, the users".."we are looking at the IP...the individual user": -

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Only an opinion, though.


ps; You may find this of interest....

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