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"Google: Open Isn’t Neutral"? I'm Not So Sure

"Counterpoint to Google: Open Isn't Neutral"

Surely those in this multi billion dollar industry (including many of the digital media/advertising sector 'experts'?) will all get to "wake up" sooner or, later?

As will also (pretty soon), the many 'doubting thomases' who have graced the Yahoo Finance Looksmart board, over the past few years.

(LOOK: Report in on 6th February.)

Read on: [From an article on DigiDay, today]

< Yesterday Digiday published a 5Qs with Google vp of display Neal Mohan.

........In the interview, Mohan took exception to talk from competitors that the ad-technology system being stitched together by Google isn't "open.".. Bill Wise, chief executive of Google rival MediaBank, took some exception to Mohan's point. >

My own Twitter reply to the Founder & CEO of the Rubicon Project, goes like this:

@FrankAddante ... Google do offer it's advertisers true (neutral) "search retargeting" & I point this out, here, as to why I feel so:

Yes ...And I'm even more 'confident' than ever about my long-held understanding or, opinion. But that's all it is Folkz, an opinion only.

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ps; There are almost no limitations as to what can come from use of the uniquely independent Looksmart "user intent" (global) marketplace.

Readers need only to 'read between the lines' of this linked article, as has been 'Tweeted' today, on Twitter:

Google, Bing & Yahoo in Partnership to Sell Top Organic Local Listings

Disclosure: Long and Strong, in LOOK