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PaperG (with It's PlaceLocal) Get Rail's Run For Local Search Re-targeting...

There are almost no limitations as to what can come from scaled use of the uniquely independent Looksmart "user intent" (global) marketplace, is my reckoning.

In my previous instapost I pointed out that it was Looksmart's Benoit Vatere, who talked of targeting a "user's intent" at the 'IP addy' level.

The following headline (that surprise - they all, denied), will see all become a part of targeting via user's intent, based on keyword search.

"Google, Bing & Yahoo in Partnership to Sell Top Organic Local Listings"

My own 'take' :

To get some idea of where I feel this (the above), is all heading:

PaperG is an end‑to‑end solution for local display advertising. Right now (for publishers), the Co are said to be rolled out in the United States, as well as Canada. They say they make it easy for smaller advertisers (such as $500 a month), to target or, re-target 'in market' users.

Above link:

Whilst PaperG are not advising where they are getting their data from (what search engines), they are identifying potential customers from users who make a 'local' search.

For advertisers PaperG tell us, "we can build a dynamic creative instantly for any advertiser"

With ads that are then targeted to these same 'people' (or, the potential customer), who 'search the web' and will then get to see your ad. Not as yet, but ...."we're beginning to experiment with what one might call "Zip+4" targeting, and getting it down to household level, which is something that's becoming possible now."

In my previous instapost I pointed out that it was Looksmart's Benoit Vatere, who talked of targeting a "user's intent" at the 'IP addy' level.


[Also] From the AdExchanger Q&A []

"Right now (for publishers), we're rolled out here in the United States and as well as Canada. Those are our primary markets.

What are you thinking about Facebook for your platform?

With Facebook, we haven't announced any plans yet for our product roadmap, but we have many requests to expand our platform into Facebook display ads. Our engine could support it, and we have thought about it."

Yet, from their website it's clear that they are already 'gearing up'.

Distribution: (And, according to PaperG)

PaperG's PlaceLocal accesses over 8 billion daily real-time bidding (RTB) ad impressions across the largest advertising [publisher] networks, that include Google Ad Exchange, Microsoft Advertising Exchange, Facebook, Cox Media, AdMeld, Pubmatic, Rubicon Project, OpenX and those of our own proprietary collection of premium local publisher's inventory.


Interesting to note the following mention of ISPs within PaperG's TOS conditions.

< Any content that may cause a liability for PaperG, Inc. or its partner publications and websites ("Partners"), or may cause PaperG, Inc. or any of its Partners to lose (in whole or in part) the services of our ISPs or other Suppliers >

< .. Advertiser agrees to grant PaperG, Inc. and its Partners a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty - free, sub-licensable (through multiple tiers) the right to distribute, copy, modify, publicly display, publicly perform, in any media now known or thereafter created, with respect to Advertiser's ad.> -

PaperG raised $1.1 million (back in December 2009, according to TechCrunch) from investors and advisors that include LaunchCapital, Brian O'Kelley (CEO of AppNexus), John Kannapell (former head of AOL Search, Local & Maps), Stephen Taylor (former publisher of, Mark Potts (founder of WashingtonPost Digital), and Scott Symonds (Executive Media Director at AKQA). A Forbes article says PaperG was founded in 2007. -


As always, only an opinion.


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