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There Are TWO Bonds. - One "Lawful" And Another, A Fraud. !!

Back in the Facebook group and away from the Market to discover that there are TWO Bonds. One "Lawful" and another, a fraud. !!!!

On the Larry Edwards thread "We are all quite interested in the "Name Game" being burdened upon us" and in my answer to the not so accurate video he posted, I then replied with the following:

When Rom Stover pointed out to the world that there are TWO dates on all of the (well, mostly all?) paper copies of (a paper copy of) our Birth Certificate, it made me think.

I've seen this video before and it too made me wonder:

With Rom's (such a special) "revelation" and my own further logical assumptions based on previous, limited comprehensions - it became much clearer to me that our 'actual' live birth bond (and at law), has been the means of my becoming part of the Global Estate Trust.

This (at law), placed me under the jurisdiction of and protects me with the Law of the Holy SEE. - It is a law that dates back to (at least), the Unam Sanctam, when on 18 November 1302, Pope Boniface VIII issued the Papal bull.

Whether I believe in any unrebuttable presumption (stemming from that law), is of no concern to anyone. The fact is (I'm confident in saying), that I was born into (and at law), this "system of law".

From that paper copy of (and a copy of) my Birth Certificate (again, as Rom had pointed out to us all), I note the "Registration date".

This date (5 days after my live birth/actual date, as recorded), is when my mother (shown as an ALL CAPS "person", as N.BRADLEY) unknowingly 'informed' on me and handed me over to being a 'chattel' of the state.

This act of hers, is/was clearly UNlawful.

As it can be reasonably assumed that the supposed "CONtract" she was entering into (on behalf of me-as a living male baby and with her as a 'dead fiction' person and not her), was never fully disclosed to her that a fraud was what she was not only becoming a party to - was a fraudulent 'act' being perpetrated by those living men and women of the government, of the day.

Because (I feel), as the initial Bond (yes, I assume) had been 'shipped off' to the vaults of the Holy SEE (at law), any further Bond that has/had been constructed from my "registration date" (and, as mentioned in the video), would clearly be a fraud.

There are TWO Bonds. One "Lawful" and another, a fraud. !!

I hope this all makes sense.

Always, only an opinion. -