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What Is The Law? (The 'Color Of Law'?)

Simon Dicko commented the following in the form of a question over on Facebook:

"I tire of the endless assertions made by people about what law is... to me we can go in one of two directions...

1. quote what is written in black and white and clearly show why it's applicable and valid

2. make a logical argument in order to show why a position is valid or invalid."

My reply came as follows:

In much of my own 'early research' on "the law" and where it comes from, I have relied mostly on this quote from a 'paper' put out by 'Sovereignty International' in what is an excellent piece of 'work', I feel. (Linked below.)

"As far as the Vatican itself is concerned, it is clear that Private International Law, and Law Merchant, and Admiralty Maritime [Martial] Law, are different names for Canon Law, which comes from the Vatican."

Indeed, I've posted the above many a time in comments. Although it can be misleading - and I expect that it has been out long before the Motu Proprio law was decreed a few days over, 1 year ago.

In the past week and after reading the work of "Anna Maria" (pinned post thread), and, the excellent 'paper' from circa 2000/2001 ("Maritime Jurisdiction of Courts Exposed") and in then re-reading Ucadia's Frank O'Collins' view again (that the ROMAN CULT no longer exists, since Francis became Pope), it was clear to me that since the September 2013 Motu Proprio, this was the case.

I mean, he (Francis) has decreed a law that will destroy the very "corrupt" and highly UNlawful "law' - that we now have in different shapes and forms. (Being the "colour of law", only.)

............ "The false LAWS and forgeries first formed by the ROMAN CULT from the 12th Century onwards that now constitute the highest laws of the CATHOLIC CHURCH and COMMON LAW.

The name "Canon Law" literally translates as "the law of the Carpenter"-- --an obvious association to the false claim of Jesus being a carpenter as first created by the ROMAN CULT into CATHOLIC CHURCH liturgy from the 12th Century onwards.

......... As Christians claim Jesus to be the Son of God and highest SOVEREIGN BODY, by default Canon Law by its name alone claims superior STATUS above all other LAW."

....... "The age of the Roman Cult, as first formed in the 11th Century and that hijacked the Catholic Church first formed by the Carolingians in the 8th Century, then the Holly Christian Empire or Byzantine Church by the 13th Century and the world at large by the 16th Century ceased to exist around March 14th 2013 upon the election of Pope Francis."

The following is also important.

Just because they say the United Nations (in being a 'consensus' based organisation) has some 60 to 70 existing "state franchises" that all get to vote (formerly as countries or, as will be a "state" of -- just like Queensland), with a claimed 1.2 billion people that follow the Pope's Law- doesn't mean to anyone that the Pope has final say on what the law will be in, the UN's planned OWG??

Just because the United Nations and it's ICC (, are under the Rome Statute (as are all those Treaty signatories including Australia and from the outset, 1st July 2002 -, doesn't necessarily mean to anyone that we should be paying attention to this fact?

Is any of this making any sense to other members?

Yes, and from within the September 1st, 2013 Pope's Motu Proprio:

........... "A separate section is dedicated to crimes against humanity, including genocide and other crimes defined by international common law, along the lines of the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court."

That Motu Proprio -

I will be most interested in what Simon Dicko, Shane Rockliff, Barry Powelland all others have to say, in reply.

'Sovereignty International':

The "colour of law"?

If you are not sure what I am meaning or, don't even know what I am meaning, go no further than a listen to the 50 seconds onwards mark, in this video. (My thanks to a dear member.)

The man being interviewed clearly says..."We don't operate under International Law...what we have is the 'colour of law', the 'law of the jungle' in which the 'rich and the powerful' basically determines what goes and what doesn't go."

Yes... what we have is the 'colour of law' ....

Always, only an opinion.


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