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The State Of QUEENSLAND Is In Good Hands? (After 31/12/2014?)

The state of QUEENSLAND (a corporation under the UNITED STATES' corporation calling itself the STATE-OF-QUEENSLAND-AUSTRALIA), is in good hands.

Or, is it?

The E Mail sent today was addressed as follows:

Mark Gray

The "home" of, the 'Smart State'.

The website and E Mail address is such an "important combo" for the Trustee, who does "report" on behalf of the sunshine state to the SEC of the UNITED STATES' CORPORATION in Washington D.C.

It came as a surprise to receive the following E Mail, in reply:

AUTO: David Vogler is not available: please contact Jo Nelson instead (returning 31/12/2014)

9/11/14 at 2:02 PM More Information


I am out of the office until 31/12/2014.

David Vogler has recently left QTC, and this email inbox is no longer in use.

Please forward your email to Jo Nelson ( for assistance or call her on 07 3842 4714.

Note: This is an automated response to your message "Attention; Mark Gray" sent on 11/09/2014 02:02:33 PM.

This is the only notification you will receive while this person is away.

This email and any attachments (collectively, 'this message') is intended only for the addressee and may be confidential and privileged. None of its contents may be disclosed to, or relied upon by, any other party without our written consent. If you are not the addressee, you must not copy or use this message for any purpose, nor disclose its contents to anyone. Please delete it and notify QTC immediately by telephoning +61 7 3842 4600 or emailing the sender | Any opinion or advice provided in this message is subject to any assumptions noted within it and the assumption that the current economic, political and/or commercial environment does not materially alter. QTC does not warrant or guarantee any outcome or forecast in this message. Any opinion or advice in this message is provided by QTC in good faith on the basis of information supplied to QTC, which may not have been independently verified by QTC. Accordingly, QTC does not represent that the opinion or advice is accurate or complete and it should not be relied upon as such. Unless stated otherwise, the views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender, not those of QTC | To the extent permitted by law, neither QTC nor any of its employees, contractors, servants or agents accept any responsibility and liability whatsoever for any expense, damage, claim, cause of action, loss or costs, incurred by any person in connection with that person or any other person placing any reliance on, or acting or refraining to act on the basis of, the contents of this message | QTC does not warrant that any attachments to this email are free from viruses or other corruption, and recommends that you scan them for viruses before opening. QTC accepts no liability for any loss caused if this message contains a virus or is otherwise corrupted | QTC respects your privacy, and our privacy plan is available on our website | If you are a QTC public sector customer, please visit our website for information about registering to access our secure customer sub-site.

It would appear to me (according to Linkedin), that a mysterious David Vogler may well have 'up and gone', sometime in August?

Senior Advisor, Communication and Marketing Queensland Treasury Corporation

Government Agency; 51-200 employees; Financial Services industry

July 2011 - August 2014 (3 years 2 months)

David's Facebook page is inactive:

From a number of concerns that I have, I guess my main one would be - how does the all important E Mail 'addy' ( end up responding with an 'auto-generated' response and coming from someone who no longer works for the corporation?

I then sent/forwarded my message on to Jo Nelson for assistance (and, as I was directed to do) and rang the number just to see she had received it ok?

The phone rang for quite a period of time and when it was answered, it sounded very much to me like the 'tea lady" may have just 'popped in' to collect a cup and saucer. Without giving or, getting her or, my name, she then assured me that she would pass the message on to "Mark Gray" ... I thanked her.

I guess any message this afternoon (today), may well have received
a similar response? (Must be a glitch?)

And my E Mail? Oh, it's nothing much of importance I guess.

Here it is, in full;

Mark Gray,

Dear Mark,

Tomorrow is the 12th of September, 2014

Please be advised that in becoming aware of the fraud associated with the corporate entity known as a "Licence" and that knowingly, I can now no longer be a party to this unlawfulness. It must be clearly understood that as I am a living flesh and blood man I do not consent to being a dead corporate fiction, person.


LICENCE NO 031 X76 X66

Please also be advised that I have now removed both the plates (that will be returned to you, as the owner) along with the VIN number from off the Auto, that I travel in. I will install my own plates. (In a visible protest.)

I will exercise my inalienable right to travel whenever and wherever I choose to travel (from A to B) at any given time.

I am not involved in commerce and as such I do not "drive" a vehicle. (I am not a driver.)

I do ensure the "auto" I travel in is always in top road-worthy condition and as a traveler of some (over) 50 years I always drive safely and with no intent to ever harm anyone or, harm anyone's property.

As a younger man, I was awarded a 10 years of "Safe driving" Certificate (NSW Transport), when employed by the PMG/TELECOM/TELSTRA service and when "driving" a vehicle daily, as such.

Note that (as a living flesh and blood man) I do not consent to Statutes/Acts/Legislation/Rules/By-laws, etc

Both my views and basic understanding of what is Law, and that - as we are all under the Rule of Law and that as such - there is no one that is above, the Law - can be found on the following websites;

1- Seeking Alpha -

2- Facebook -

I do anticipate harassment from policy enforcers (state POLICE) yet I will not consent to any coerciveness from anyone, as such. Those living flesh and blood men/women (and not as corporate persons), who enforce any such unlawfulness are now and will become fully liable for their any actions. Please advise them accordingly. Thank you.

As the living beneficiary of both the state Trusts and as a living beneficiary of the Global Estate Trust I do feel strongly that I am both under the Supreme Law and that I am (as you are), fully protected by it.

I will remind you and those (any living flesh and blood man/women) who do not want to obey the law that they/you are then, all breaking the law. And that to break a law is a crime and that you will be punished, as such.

No longer can any/all Policy enforcers and or, those within administrative tribunals coerce or, dare to threaten any HARM to those any living men/women who do NOT consent to the dead fiction NAME that is not them.

Because as living flesh and blood men/women we are (I am) the living beneficiary of the Public Trusts constructed around that fiction corporate NAME.

A qualified interpretation of this Law (for all concerned) is as follows:

"From September 1, 2013, all the judges, lawyers, police, government officials, and those posing as government officials, and all officers of all the corporate franchises and entities organized under the auspices of the UNITED STATES and all its state franchises become fully, personally and commercially liable for their any actions and omissions against the living beneficiaries of the public trusts"

1 - AUSTRALIA and it's "states" (and all corrupt state governments) are now all corporations and as such are "registered" under the UNITED STATES' corporation of, the UNITED NATIONS' corporation.

This is part of the planned One World Government that has been 'in the works' for maybe 100 years or, more.

2 - ALL corporations in our world are "registered" with and are under the Law of the Holy SEE in Rome. The Pope [Francis] makes the Law.n All living men and women in the western world (and from off our Birth Certificate), are also "registered" with the Holy SEE.

This makes both corporations (those men and women working within them) and all of us, all become - under and protected by that ONE Law. And if the "Rule of Law" is upheld, no living man or, women is, above the Law.

"One of the cornerstones of the system introduced by this law is constituted by the so-called rule of law, as a result of which administrative sanctions may be imposed only in cases defined by law."

Note also, and from within the September 1st, 2013 Pope's Motu Proprio:

........... "A separate section is dedicated to crimes against humanity, including genocide and other crimes defined by international common law, along the lines of the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court."

That Motu Proprio -

"Maritime Jurisdiction of Courts Exposed"

Mark Gray. NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT. (The buck stops with you, Mark.)


Ross James .... Family Name of Bradley
[Christian or, given Names-certified copy Birth Certificate]

When Mark Gray 1st got the job, I did a blog-post to him. I'm hoping that he will have moved in by now. Or, will he be next to go?

Always only an opinion.