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Anyone Else Hear The Sound Of Electricity? (An Interesting Thread.)

Luke Ofthe Bambrickfamily

7 hrs ·

Anyone else hear the sound of electricity, such as from a power outlet or a light globe? This constant high pitched buzzing is driving me nuts!

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  • Thomas Field You may be deficient in magnesium. That's is sometimes the cause of buzzing in the ears

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  • Luke Ofthe Bambrickfamily Trust me, the sound comes from turned on power points and lights.

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  • Thomas Field Ok

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  • Jacqui Lattenstein It's ok, I get it's called being switched on already. !!!

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  • Christine Huntress YES!!! Oh my Heavens I thought I was alone!

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  • Jacqui Lattenstein Well, it's not tinnitus and its not imagination, its not a deficiency of minerals and it ain't schizophrenia.....

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  • Christine Huntress No it is electromagnetic soup we live in. Wifi, cell phones, GWEN towers, HAARP you name it...

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  • Lucie Tomcova Yeah sound like a hell the kitchen and living room it is the worst I know exactly what you mean....
    Its annoying indeed.. disturbing

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  • Michelle Hubbard All the times. Also get shocked a lot.

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  • Benji D Large I get that too, also I have had huge shocks/jolts when I reach a higher level of consciousness.. Swear these guys don't want us to have a conscience!

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  • Benji D Large They are slowly but surely doing lots of little things to keep us all dumbed to real life... I could have fell for it.

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  • David Barrow mind control in america, like smart meters or the waves the systems use through stations that have no purpose, other than to do their job of disturbing the mind frequencies... It's everywhere,..

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  • Johnie Keatings I suffer from actual tinnitus, been about 4 years now. Saddest bit of damage I've sustained to my body. Nothing works.

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  • Jennifer Of-the Cosmic Jungle Yes, but be sure you realize much of it is in our own heads. This buzzing is on the inside. Some people don't recognize it, but I hear it constantly, I have all of my life. I also see in pixels. It's gotten much more intense in the last couple of years. You must sometimes hear yourself in a vacuum as well? I call those downloads and frequency adjustments, I won't allow anything outside of me, messing with what's going on inside of me!

    But there is plenty of buzzing going on outside of us too. HAARP keeps putting the so called "cell towers" up at an exponential rate, and I'm sure they play with the frequencies constantly. They're wasting their time though, because as soon as the pyscho elites fall away, I'm bringing their frequency inhibitors to the scrap yard!

    Quite frankly, this is history repeating itself, they did this in Atlantis & Egypt. We've had wireless technologies for eons and they've used it against us before. This time the collective won't allow it though...Ascension is truly here! The shit will be flying after this next equinox that brings us into Libra - the scales of balance!

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  • Virginia Alcaraz Sometimes

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  • Barbara Nyhart Sheehan K.....There are many products around that can block and protect from EMFs and the like....I personally use my Q LINK.....I Wear it at all times.......Not out of fear but comfort, one less thing to worry about....

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  • Jennifer Of-the Cosmic Jungle Benji, cool you mention that - I get electrical jolts too. Sometimes makes a leg or an arm fly up or my whole body is jolted! I think most people tend to ignore these things.

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  • Barbara Nyhart Sheehan The research for these tools has been going on for the past 30 years...Yup we knew these times were coming and good people did the work..........Blessings....

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  • Lifeforce Orgone Go to the nearest field or garden, take shoes off and ground yourself to clear all that sh1t and get yourself some orgone generators for your home which will harmonize the emfs and do a lot more.

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  • Benji D Large The people who are really tuned into their frequencies and energy that is within us and all around us .. It's hard to recognise what is right and what's wrong, what's love and what's manipulation.

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  • Sybell Adora Udema You should protect yourself and your house with orgonite!

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  • Benji D Large We as "earth angels" are put here to save this planet and some are waking up and fighting with a vengeance to keep the stability, peace and love... Mother Nature has the most infinite and powerful ability, MN will win and it is .. Love dissolves everything x

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  • Sybell Adora Udema But it can also be the humming sound that many people hear. I will try to find the link and share.

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  • Benji D Large Jennifer of the cosmic jungle, love what you just wrote

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  • Lifeforce Orgone

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  • Luke Warmwater That happens to me all the time.

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  • Jennifer Of-the Cosmic Jungle Cool you mention the organite, Lifeforce Orgone. I make them and am about to make one of the giant cloud busters. I don't always make them, but need to find the time to make more. Simple pucks are great to place around the Haarp/cell towers too. Having...See More

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  • Lifeforce Orgone I get it also, the tones are hard to bear at times, I use powered orgonite (powerwands) to stop it. If I turn off the powerwands the ringing comes back straight away, that's how blatant it is but orgonite sorts it out.

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  • Lifeforce Orgone I make them also and have allsorts around the home. Multiple CBS, powerwands and lost count of the pyramids and TBS buried in and around the home.

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  • Ferial Dayal I hear it all the time, some days more than others. It's aggravated when my body temperature rises even marginally, the blood flows faster against the inner membrane. But it is sometimes near unbearable, so much so that I cannot use a telephone due to the frequency.

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  • Lifeforce Orgone The price we pay for all the technology and then some.

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  • Jennifer Of-the Cosmic Jungle I agree. The wired cb's are very powerful. I actually just went to Herkimer NY last week to dig for herkimer diamonds. I'll be putting some of those in my organite as well. They are double terminated crystal clear quartz. It was exciting to be there, I guess the hippies used to commune on their land back in the, but they had to end that because they were baby hippies and did not understand what it was to shower & clean up their messes....hopefully we have graduated from those arrogant ways.

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  • Angel Lucci It does work! My last two jeans purchases were 32 waist. Yes my belly hangs over slightly but that too will be history.

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  • Melodie Brown I have been a lot more lately. I have friends that say its good to meditate, when that happens.

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  • Donald M Beers i hate fluorescent lights as i see them flash at 60 hz and drives me friggin' nuts. sometimes hear the hum and sometimes hear peoples thoughts. argghhh

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  • Lifeforce Orgone Those new agenda 21 bulbs are a biatch and dangerous too

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  • Geoffrey Janak Neill That sensitivity to electrical high pitched sound is common in young males and goes away with age. I also know that from experience.

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  • Jennifer Of-the Cosmic Jungle I am not a young male, nor has it gone away at age 47. We are electrical beings and the circuits are being rewired. It may become more aggressive. It has many unseen levels to it as well. Nothing is as it seems.

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  • Geoffrey Janak Neill Yes Jennifer, you are correct.

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  • Jennifer Of-the Cosmic Jungle And I imagine you are as well. That's the joy of consciousness....just about anything goes...its all in how we perceive it. It also might have a lot to do with where we live as well.

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  • Kirsten Foster Absynnia

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  • Sophie Lawrence Yes I hear this too it's so annoying. Try to eat raw living organic foods so your blood is oxygenated, it helps when your body is alkaline. I know it's all the frequencies, I'm so sensitive to it.

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  • Ross Bradley .
    Yes. And I find it can be blocked by thinking about the matter in front of you. A natural concentration of though rather than holding any continual awareness of these annoying ploys being used against us. My opinion. Works for me.

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  • Benji D Large Teri Dunstan

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  • Benji D Large Follow your own energy we are now having to pull people back into the way of the world! Cleaning conditioned minds after the elite have taken control is a hard thing but the most beautiful and rewarding when achieved

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  • Ross Bradley .
    [Yes] Being "in control of" your own mind is both beautiful and rewarding.

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  • Jay Polomka Off the subject here , but if any one gets booted of cars with static rub hand cream on your hands . And or body .

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  • Monique Ish Yep I've always heard them. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes not. A relief to be amongst friends who get it.

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  • Tonya Persinger Are you RH negative? Just curious.

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  • Ross Bradley

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