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Pope Francis Makes A Law - Destroys Every Corporation In The World?

Over in our Facebook group, member Robb Will made a very interesting comment on a current thread:

Re; The "power" of Pope Francis.

< "I must admit he [this Pope Francis] is the last person in the world that I thought would sign into laws - that could help people like you and me.

.... Maybe it was intended to help those in the know of the seemingly totalitarian takeover of our governments. Maybe its backlash from people waking up. Although slow as it may be" >

Consider the following?

With a long planned OWG now 'motoring along' (AG21, "International common Law", clearly a Global 'push' for the Rule of Law, etc) I have no doubt in my mind that the GREEDY corrupt 'bankers' in control of the 'ship' (and for so long), have all completely underestimated the 'craftiness' of, the Jesuits.

In that there is now what has become - a "point of no return".

Bearing in mind that with the UN being a consensus based corporation (requiring all members states to be in agreeance), any such "go ahead" depended entirely on the Holy SEE/Pope/Vatican - to give it's or, his complete "blessing".

That this was all 'conditional' only - on being in full control of a/the UN's proposed (and now existing) "International common law", and because of the complete corporatisation of the UN (top down), the POPE having/retaining sole 'right' to being the Law-maker.

This 'set in concrete' agreement could well have occurred under a 'shady' Pope or, two, prior to the Francis appointment in 2013.

Consider also, that in spite of his being the 1st Jesuit Pope (historically), this order who all take a vow of poverty, has had a very heavy influence on all 'Vatican' policy, historically.

[ Worth noting: "Pope John Paul I died in September 1978 only a month (just 33 days) after his election. The suddenness of the death, together with the Vatican's difficulties with the ceremonial and legal death procedures (such as issuing a legitimate death certificate), have resulted in several conspiracy theories".]

In the very early stages, this group's Admin strongly agreed on one puzzling thing. Why would a Pope make a Law that could potentially destroy every corporation in the world- including the UN corporation itself (and ultimately will do this, we agree), if the Vatican was part of the corrupt "slavery" that exists in the world, as we know it?

If not calculating and full well knowing that it will get to FREE the people of the world (forever), from slavery?

By both the Rule of Law (that no man/women is above the law) and the absolute "power" of, the Supreme Law - of the Holy SEE. (The Pope.)

Seeking Remedy: A Universal Application-

The following may/can help all 'keen' members to grab a broader picture of this reality. (The "Pat" E Mail.

< "The diversity of policy brokering methods for human enslavement objectives have waxed diabolical and perverse over the centuries.

Speaking of perverse: Americans have some deep and abiding love of corporate influences, because they have been led to believe that corporations can finance every whim or illusion of grace.

No one bothers to read or understand the final terms of the agreement. United Nations trade agreements, in concert with IMF banking cartels, enjoy financing treasury debts with usury fees. This is because they have had such allot of experience in doing so…

Americans [and Australians] are now at the mercy of a completely failed judicial system - "legally" bound to the United Nations Charter. Most persons are unaware that our civil courts system was totally hijacked in 1933, and it isn't ever coming back.

All US jurisdictions comply under international Maritime laws, which were modeled after corporate/Vatican statutes scribed some 1100 years ago. The gold fringe displayed with the American flag in any modern court, attests to very obvious fact of Maritime Rule." >

Steven's story:

Always, only an opinion.