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The "Fiction Of Law", Is Dead. They Have No Power.

The question came in our Facebook group:

"I was just thinking if I pay rates or a fine (as they call it) would that make me a share holder of that company, and if so can I look at the books?"

... Rather than entertain the 'thought' of you recognizing the (their) unlawfulness of it all, a better question for councils and all (so called) 'authority' would be to ask them - can they explain to you on paper and fully - just where do they feel they get their "authority" from (at Law), for them to demand/coerce any payments, whatsoever?

They will have a very difficult time providing an answer for you.


Because times have changed. And that "change" (itself) has come at the end of February beginning of March, in 2013.

This was when the out-going Pope (Benedict) in what is said to have been an extraordinary decision (he had a "gun held at his head", is what I'd suggest to readers) actually closed down/destroyed the 'Roman cult' that (and, for many centuries), had "powered" the "fiction of Law". (All corporations are a fiction.)

It means that all of the corrupt Popes including Benedict himself (and as the Lawmaker/s - and throughout this period since the "CQV Act" of 1666), were/was the very "crown" that "powered" the (fiction of) Law that involved all the many billions of inferior Public Trusts. The power that is said to have made them "lawful".

It no longer exists. No power.

This means that all government corporations now have no 'power' at law (they have no "crown") to either make or, to enforce any new or, existing (so called), laws.

Again. The "fiction of Law", is dead. It no longer exists. (It has no power.)

Living men and women have no power (at law) to make law for other living men and women. If they did or, were able to do so, then they'd be acting as slave-masters.

[And] Slavery is unlawful.

In his Decree that 'officially' started on 1st September 2013, the lawmaker Pope Francis has made this all very clear.

Sooner or, later we (the people who are allowing ourselves to be at the mercy of or the brutal hands of slave-masters, all driven by FEAR and coercively at the end of a policy enforcer's gun), will begin to "wake up" and say..."Enough is enough".

We need to learn what it all means and start to access the proper courts of Law and demand from the qualified Justices (who answer to the Law/the Pope), that the Law must be upheld.

This form of "slavery" must be stopped. That justice should not be something just 'talked about' in groups on Facebook and that justice itself must at all times be handed down by (these same justices who virtually hold a "balance of power" in their own hands and so it must be handed down by) them "lawfully", at all times.

The Law of the corporate states?

Always, only an opinion.


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