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Christians, Muslims, Athiests And The Rule Of Law

Within a 'perfect world' (society), the "Rule of Law" exists and as such, there's transparency and all people are all fully accountable to, the Law and the Rule Of Law.

It's a world where, no one is above the Law.

In the world as we know it (or, better still - let's just say, as I know it), there appears to be a 'push' for either Sharia Law or, the law of the Christian world, being the law that comes from the Holy SEE, in Rome.

Of the Christians, Muslims and the Atheists (in the world as it exists), it would seem to me that it's the Christians who don't yet know (or, it certainly appears, don't seem to even want to know), exactly where they stand, in Law. (Closely followed by, the Atheists.)

The bottom line is, that both Christians and Muslims likely follow the same God or, creator. Only the atheists caught in the middle (be they either ex Christians or, ex Muslims), have no God.

I find this really extraordinary in a sense, as (to me), it can be safely said that of the Christians (and purely based on their lack of knowledge), they are the more easily led and are, well, just like sheep.

Christians are being led, Muslims are more, driven.

This is why (and I truly feel), they the Christians have for so long been, so easily, 'divided and conquered'. And for whatever the reason/s, that's not my point.

The fact should be clear (or, it's clear to me), that Christians simply do not know what is Law. Yet Muslims throughout the world would all know (there's no doubt in my mind), exactly what Sharia Law is all about.

In a 'perfect world' (society), where the "Rule of Law" exists, is it to be, Christian Law? Sharia Law? Sharia Law? Christian Law?

Christians are mostly all 'born into' (and at Law), the law they are both under and are protected by. Like-wise, are Muslims.

It important to know that Christian Law, is not religion.

The following from the article linked below, caught my eye. And (in reading it, I've learned) it does have a huge, ever lasting impact on both Christians and atheists and in no matter what Law that the latter can be found, to be within.

< "Sharia law, which covers only Muslims unless incorporated into national law, assumes people are born into their parents' religion.

Thus ex-Muslim atheists are guilty of apostasy - a hudud crime against God, like adultery and drinking alcohol. Potential sanctions can be severe: eight states, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania and Sudan have the death penalty on their statute books for such offences.

In reality such punishments are rarely meted out.

Most atheists are prosecuted for blasphemy or for inciting hatred. (Atheists born to non-Muslim families are not considered apostates, but they can still be prosecuted for other crimes against religion.)

Even in places where laws are lenient, religious authorities and social attitudes can be harsh, with vigilantes inflicting beatings or a beheading." >

I can't verify the accuracy of this linked article.

Always, just an opinion.